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    My interview was at 12:00 PM. I showed up 30 mins exactly and got check-in. I wait for at least an hour and had my interview around 12:30. The interview lasted about 40 mins. 
    My officer is a lady. She asked me I was just here a couple of weeks ago. I explained to her my situation, she was so surprised and said that it was so odd and confusing. I agreed with her. 
    We started with my writing, reading, and civil test. It was very easy, so don't worry guys, you got this. Here are some of the question
    Reading: Who is on the dollar bill?
    Writing: Washington is on the dollar bill. 
    1. When do you adopt the Declaration of Independence? 
    2. Which ocean is on the East Coast 
    3. Name 3 original colonies 
    4. What Benjamin Franklin famous for?
    5. How many US Senators are there? 
    6. Senator serves for how many years? 
    Then she went over my name, yes/no questions. Then we talk about my dog and her cat. Then she congrats me. I asked could i do the same day oath? She said they are full. 
    I left and my status change from Interview Scheduled to Post Decision Activity to Oath Ceremony will be Scheduled. I think she is a senior officer so she made the decision right then and there. 
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    Hi guys, 
    So I went to an infopass this morning with the hope to find out when will they schedule my N400 since I passed my i751. They scheduled it for tomorrow and asked if I am ready. I said Hell yeah, so my interview is tomorrow at 12:00pm. Chance for a same day oath ceremony? 
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    Hello everyone,
    I just got back from my interview. I think my experience is good for someone who are filling N400 with their I751 pending. 
    Quick update: I passed my I751. It was easy. He asked how did we meet? When and where did we get married? When did I move to Korean? When did we move to the US? Why did we move to the US? 
    We lived in 3 different countries together. 
    I came prepare with bunch of evidences. 
    After the I751 interview, I told him that
    - can I have my N400 interview? He said he did not see it on file. I told him well it’s there. I filed it and got deschedule. He told me to go and waited outside for 5 mins. He called us back in and said he could not do my N400 interview even if he wanted too. I was descheduled and the system won’t let him to do it. He said I need to wait for 6 weeks. That is how they schedule now, their slot, whatever that meant.
    So I asked. Would it be 6 weeks since I got deschedule or 6 weeks since today. He said he does not know and I will get my green card in the mail in 2-3 weeks.
    i left the building with my husband and got a call from him. He said “I told you you will get your green card in 2-3 weeks. It won’t happen. We won’t send you a green card since you have your N400 interview coming up pretty soon. The system won’t let me send it to you. You will however still be updated in our system, your status will change as we approved your I751. You need to wait for your interview. If your extension stamp on your passport expired before you get your interview, please come back and we will stamp it to you.”
    so so now I will just need to wait for couple more months I guess. Guys!! They don’t have their shits together.
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    No idea but my interview was in the afternoon. Definitely,  same day was not an option. But it was lot better than waiting for it in the snail mail .......
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    @AHG If your traffic fines are less than $500 then its not a big deal, but have the proper documentation of either paying the fines or acquittals. Mine were all under $500 for speeding.
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    Thanks EI79.
    Interview went well and was "Recommended for Approval" after the interview. Also Oath Letter was also provided at the end of interview for May 06 2019.
    My interview was at 12:45 pm, the IO called me in at 12:30 pm. IO was a very pleasant personality and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process.
    We went to his office, he asked me for my ID, Green Card and Interview letter and to stand up and right hand in air to take the oath. Before i took the oath of truth, i brought to his attention of few corrections i had to do on my N400 form regarding my wife and traffic citations. He obliged and review the citations and their decisions from the court. after reviewing i took the oath for the truth.
    Next he started reviewing the N400 application with me questions line-by-line.....once the N400 application was complete.
    He started with the civics test :
    What month we vote for the president ? Why did the colonist come to America? Who is the president of America ? What is the party of the current president ? I don't remember the remaining 2 questions. 
    Next was the reading and writing - "The White house is in Washington D.C."
    After the completion of the tests, he Congratulated me on passing the tests.
    Then he asked me to review the corrections made to the N400 today on the IPad.
    Next asked me to review the details for the Naturalization certificate .
    Thats it. He handed me a printed doc saying was i was recommended for approval.
    He escorted me out to the lobby and asked me to wait to collect my Oath letter.
    After 15-20 mins, a lady popped out from a different door and called my name.
    I went to her, she handed me the Oath letter and Congratulated me on my approval.
    Can't wait for this journey to be over .................. 🙂
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    EI79 - Finally got my interview letter today.  Its for Apr 22 2019. 🙂
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