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  1. It says in my documents that I "withdrew" my application. I feel "no" is a better answer for 70 since I withdrew and was not deported I think. Is this good? And I will put explanation on why I was denied US entry (question 14) and they can understand I think. Or do i need explanation to all the questions?
  2. I understand. Thank you. you are very helpful to understand this. and I believe i should put "no" for 70 as well since I was never admitted? And therefore never "removed" from United States since I was only at CBP and didnt make it further?
  3. Or question 70... I never was accepted to USA so I don't think I was counted as deported since I was denied entry?
  4. Thank you! Are any of these a sure no though? For example: Like I feel 20 doesn't pertain to me, right? and how about 15? Is it talking about tourist visas?
  5. Hello, I am new and a happy to join this community with such great help. I have some questions about aos. They relate to some problems in my US immigration past and I hope you can help me. My Story: About 7 years my cousin living in US had an serious emergency. I applied and was denied a tourist visa to be with her at this time since I was still only a student and denied under not enough ties to my home country. I traveled to the USA (without visa) and was held at the Airport CBP for further inspection, hoping for some humanitarian relief. I told the CBP exactly my case at arrival and that why I wanted in, I didn't try to avoid them I new and was aware they will hold me at CBP and I needed to speak with them. I was denied entry that day and asked if I wanted immigration judge or voluntary departure (I chose second) and given a full flight back to my country. Fast forward and now I am in the USA with a K-1 Visa and my husband. This past didn't cause any problems during K-1 process and I just recently arrived last month. I was held a bit again at CBP and then released on my k-1. I have been working on AOS to not come through more problems and have some questions that relate to this past that I don't know how to answer them. Please help. Here are my questions: From I-485 on page 10: Part 8. Article 14: Have you Ever been denied admission to the United States? Yes, at the CBP right? Or this doesn't count since I had no visa? Part 8. Article 15: Have you ever been denied a visa to the United States? Yes, tourist visa. Or is this talking only immigrant/nonimmigrant? Part 8. Article 18: Are you presently or have you ever been in removal, exclusion, rescission, or deportation proceedings? I was held at CBP, I do not know if that is removal, exclusion, rescission or deportation prceedings Part 8. Article 19: Have you ever been issued a final order of exclusion, deportation, or removal? ? I voluntarily departed US and didn't seek immigration judge Part 8. Article 20: Have you ever had a prior final order of exclusion, deportation, or removal reinstated? I do not understand this question Part 8. Article 25: Have you ever been arrested, cited, charged, or detained for any reason by any law enforcement official (including but not limited to any U.S. immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces or U.S. Coast Guard? "detained" at CBP? or is not what it's called. From I-485 on page 13: Part 8. Article 70: Have you ever been excluded, deported, or removed from the United States or have you ever departed the United States on your own after having been ordered excluded, deported, or removed from the United States? I don't know how to answer these. Please, I tried to post my story as truthfully and with all details I remember so you can help me to answer these questions correctly. If you have more questions I will be happy to answer. Please help me how to answer these.
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