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  1. Yeah , it did . Hopefully , the rest would get the same update soon 🙏
  2. Will we have the tracking number put up on the case status or they ll send us a letter for that
  3. Thanks so much ! Case approved !!! But that one should be before card is being produced because the card can’t be provided without approval 🤔
  4. Hi Folks , i can’t believe that the status changed to card is being produced !😵! Can anyone advise on how long should We wait to receive the card ! thanks
  5. Yes, I guess we didn’t as it s supposed to be done . Our I 130 was approved and then we were instructed by the immigration to file AOS if the beneficiary doesn’t wanna have the interview back home and wants to live here legally until the green card is received . We weren’t told about the right to file employment based application . We followed their steps . I don’t know why they re complicating the existence .
  6. Yes , he s still under F1 visa . Work permit ? He s not eligible for that . Only applicants who married a citizen who are eligible for work permit . He s been living here without the right to work . If he got a work permit , it would be better and less hectic at least .
  7. Hi, we had our interview on August 29th at Brooklyn office . The same thing happened to us . The status changed to interview completed and my case must be reviewed . Nothing heard since then . We already passed the 2 year marriage last year this year is the 3rd year and still we have to wait .
  8. Oh! Warm congrats ! That’s so relieving
  9. Thanks so much for the details . We have just to wait now( though it s killing us ) . We can’t anything ! I ll check the brad thing you recommended . Thanks again
  10. Oh ! Happy for you . Was your office Brooklyn ? Was it adjustment of status from F1 ? When was your interview ? thanks for your swift request!
  11. Same here or even worse . We had the interview on August 29 th and the status still interview completed and my case must be reviewed . Almost one month waiting for the bid day. P.S. Brooklyn office .
  12. Actually, I am still a permanent resident . We filed the i 130 a few days after we got married here , and he was living here under F1 visa when we filed the i 130 . He came here under a tourist visa ( that time we didnt know each other ) .
  13. ...following the first reply . We couldn’t file the adjustment of status before the I 130 was approved so we had to wait all the period ( 14months ) to file the adjustment of status . If we could the attorney should have told us . I am really confused and frustrated about our case. Thanks all for your helpful comments
  14. Do you think they ll call us for the interview again !!! Or we just need to wait for the decision .
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