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  1. Hi! Sorry! I thought I had updated. My oath will be July 10!
  2. Thank you! Yes later today I got an update that the oath ceremony notice had been mailed!
  3. Hello! Had my interview today in Louisville, it all went smoothly! The officer was extremely nice. After I left I got a text saying that "We placed you in line for your oath ceremony and will send you a notice with the date, time, and location of your oath ceremony. You should receive your notice within 30 days of its mailing date." Anyone know if that means I have been approved? Thanks!
  4. Can't she travel to her home country and apply for a US passport there, if there is such a hurry to get there?
  5. Thank you everyone! Could not have been sane without you guys! Yes I am applying based on marriage. My I-751 was approved last week April 12 and on April 19 my interview was scheduled!
  6. Hello everyone!! My interview has been scheduled for May 24th!!
  7. Hi everyone! I got a text saying that they scheduled my interview today. When I log to my USCIS account it says that they have reviewed my biometrics. But when I go to https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/logoff.do it says my interview was scheduled. Anyone have this issue??????
  8. Yes they transferred my I-751. It was originally at California Service center but on Feb 5,2018 they transferred it to Nebraska Service Center.
  9. Yes I did. I applied for citizenship on 2/18/2019 and my local field office is Louisville, KY.
  10. Good morning everyone! This morning I received an email "On April 12, 2019, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number WAC181065****". I am so happy! My case was received by USCIS on 2/28/2018. On 2/05/2019 the case was transferred to Nebraska and today new card was ordered. Hang in there everyone!!!
  11. Ok that makes sense thanks for your help!!! My local office is Louisville KY. I have just seen people get interview before me and they sent n400 after me. It could also be because I have pending I751.
  12. So my 3 year anniversary is May 16. Let's say hypothetically they schedule it for may 1st it would be denied?
  13. Hello! Quick question? If one has not yet reached their three years of being a permanent resident but, applied for N400 90 days before reaching those three years, can an interview be scheduled before reaching those three years? Or do the three years have to be reached for the interview to be scheduled. I also have a pending I751.
  14. Hello! My wife and I are traveling to Turks and Caicos with my expired greencard and extension letter. Has anyone traveled to Turks and Caicos with this? Was it an issue? Thanks!!
  15. Wow congrats! I am also a Louisville filler. I still have a pending ROC so I wonder if I will hear back soon!
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