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  1. You should email or call them, because they might have you confused with someone else. That might be a good way to hint that your still waiting for a second interview date.
  2. Yea, if I get approved I'll let you know.
  3. Damn, that would have been a good question to ask. But the lady said as long as I got approved and emailed them proof. It would be transfered. And I've been following another thing where people put their cc date n interview and it seems that the DR is really up on it. So I think we would have to wait a month or two but also how quickly the nvc transfers the case and put then as the interviewing location.
  4. Two months ago everything was suspended. I shouldn't have said more important but the supervisor said that K-1 have a time limit as to how long they can sit around to be processed. I called again and they said hopefully by July they can be caught up and start doing both again. Because people from November n December with spousal that got cancelled are still waiting for a new date.
  5. No like you have to lived there or something. Yeah me too, but its Americans that are doing it but i am sure it is gonna be a little bias. But we would definitely be going with a translator and everything so the questions are answered right. Only a person without a soul would decline the peition just because of the persons nationality.
  6. Exactly, but clearly the embassy thinks thats more important.
  7. They said I could call them or email them. I had spoken to the us travel docs representative and she sent the request but I am also gonna send a personal email. But another way is if you can show nvc that the beneficiary has ties to that country then it can be changed.
  8. Exactly and I had spoken to a supervisor and sge said that k-1 visas are expedited visas and those have a timeframe on them. And she said that not all the workers are back, so they don't know when spousal visa dates will be given.
  9. To anyone that is spousal visa, I recently spoke with the nvc and they said the embassy is only processing k1-visas at the moment and they havent told them when they will do spousal visa but right now that section is suspended. So to anyone who is spousal. Good luck. We might be waiting forever.
  10. That was all going in my head, which is the main reason that i do not even think they're gonna accept the case. But if a miracle falls upon me, I pray that it will be accepted and he be granted a visa because I sent a lot of proof. But thats a 1% chance of dr taking the case so im not even bothering getting my hopes up. Its been almost two weeks and they havent responded yet so I do not know.
  11. Yea, I asked for my case to be transferred to the DR but I doubt the embassy over there is gonna accept it.
  12. Yea, alot of the people working st the nvc do not know everything. Because everytime I called to see if the embassy in Haiti was giving interview dates, I always got a different answer.
  13. Haiti is still on the do not travel list. But they claim that the embassy is now open for processing.
  14. Wow, i am so sorry to hear that. I would say tell your husband to go to the embassy and see if they can help him out since they claim they are open now. Girl i feel you, this process is mentally draining. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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