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  1. Oh great. Thank you for your help. Well live and learn I guess.
  2. Huh, when I did the research a lot of articles said I still needed to file I-130 with I-485 together. I myself applied for green card (a while ago and I am a U.S. Citizen now) when I was in the U.S. I remember sending I-130 with I-485 together as well. So you are saying I didn't need to sent I-130? Thanks.
  3. My wife came to the U.S. on November 2018 with K1 Visa. We got married in November and gathered all required documents for her green card and mailed the I-130 with I-485 package to the USCIS. The USPS tracking shows it was delivered on January 25th 2019 but we still haven't heard anything from USCIS. Her I-94 has expired on February 8th will this be a problem even though USCIS got the package on the 25th of January or should I call them and ask for the NOA? Thanks for your help.