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  1. I was born in Japan and I have a US consular report of Birth Abroad that I used as proof of US Citizenship. On the question where the asked how did I acquire citizenship I selected through US citizen parents as this is what USCIS advised me to do.
  2. I am aware of that. You may select from RETURN transcripts, wages and Income transcripts as well as Account transcripts. I utilize the online system frequently.
  3. You can request tax transcripts online and print them yourself
  4. Not sure about the form but you can complete the deluxe version online and it will ask the same questions and give you the option to complete state tax as well. When you finish it will give the efile of mail in option. Just pick mail in and it will transfer the return to a PDF file that you can print and should include the address to mail in as well.
  5. In my experience it usually changes to non immigrant shortly before the visa is issued
  6. i turned in 3 yrs of wages and income along with 1 yr of W2’s, 3 of the most current paycheck stubs and an employment letter
  7. We used a wage and income transcript and didn’t have a problem
  8. If I remember correctly when my husband applied for a visitors visa (prior to us meeting I just saw the copy of the application) there was a box to check for marital status that gave the options of Single, married, divorced or common law marriage. He selected common law as he was with his children’s mother for some years at the time and that’s common in Jamaica as well. Because he only selected common law he was able to get a visa but they asked a lot of questions related to his ex and their relationship. If she had that option and selected married anyway maybe that is what is hurting your case.
  9. My fiancé is here and my case never updated after being received last year
  10. I live in Houston and my fiancé came a few months ago. We went to the Social Security Office about a week after he got here. You will need the I-94, birth certificate, and passport with Visa in it. They told him they needed to verify something in the system and we would get a letter in the mail. The Social Security card came about 2 weeks later. Then we used his SSN and passport to get the marriage license. Hope this helps
  11. I got a call today as well and the Called me by my husband’s last name. I haven’t changed my name on anything yet. I could barely understand her a she had a heavy Asian accent. She said my husband and I qualified for a grant from uscis. I knew it was a scam and just hung up.
  12. You do not need a social security number to enroll the children in school ( I did not know this prior into enrolling my step children). My step kids had only been here 2 weeks when I enrolled them and we were not yet married. I had to use my information for both children and sign a paper certifying they lived with me but he is listed as the primary contact etc. I also had to take my utility bill in my name or lease showing I lived at the address. You will also need their shot records. I used the shot record from the embassy and that was fine. It literally took 10 min. I did not have the last report cards and just reported that she should be in 2nd grade and the said that was fine as well just try to get it and if that is not possible they may test her for placement but they didn’t.
  13. Yes. I used the transcript printed from online and only submitted one year and it was accepted
  14. It usually depends on if he supports someone else like does he have children he supports or pays child support for. If he does and they live with the mom he would fill out their information and check partially dependent etc.
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