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  1. Congrats! We were in the same month filing in 2018 and both of our spouses are finally here! Time really flies by! He got his ssn but no green card yet. He arrived on 7/25. He is the process of getting his driver license. My husband has limited English skills. We have been trying to find him a job but no luck. Do you have any advice where we could start?
  2. I recommend you make an appointment first before you go in or go near closing time 3:45 pm. Not sure about your local ss office but mine closes at 4 pm. They will close the door at 4 and will handle everyone's cases before 5 pm. I was there at 2 and had to wait til 4:45 pm for my number to be called. I didn't make an appointment so yeah I wish I knew it before.
  3. Green card can take up to 120 days. Some people got it at 60 days or less and some were over 120 days. It's a mystery. For the social security card, some people received it within a week after POE and some got it after 1 month. And there are people who never received it so they had to go to the Social security administration office to apply in person. A lot of people didn't want to wait long so they went to apply after 2 weeks of POE date and some even went after a few days of POE date. My husband immigrated to the U.S. on 7/25 and no SS card or green card yet. We are going to the social security administration today to do his ss.
  4. My husband had his interview on 6/27 and we passed! The CO only asked me, the petitioner, 6 questions in English. How did we meet? When did it turn romantic? How many times we met each other after our wedding? I only went back to Vietnam 1 time after our wedding which is this trip to attend the interview with my husband. A year after our wedding. I met my husband in January 2017 during my last week in Vietnam. I hired him as a driver to drive to a shrine. After that we talked on Facebook for 1.5 year and we got married on 6/10/18. I stayed 6 weeks in 2018. So basically we only met 3 times in real life. First marriage for both. Husband is 3 years older. What was the purpose of my first trip where I met my husband the first time? Did anyone introduce him to me? No How long am I staying in Vietnam this time, until when and where am I staying? Then she told me to sit down and wait while she interviewed my husband with a translator. How did we meet? Did it turn romantic when we first met or later/when? Did we communicate in Vietnamese? What is my job in the US? How many siblings do I have and what states are they in? Then she asked if we have any trip pictures and our Facebook messages. He gave her the evidences. She then said "congratulations! Your visa is approved" and she signed a pink slip. They kept his passport and return all the original documents to us. Our interview was the quickest on that day. Maybe 5 mins. Other people's interviews were like 10-15 mins. We sat there seeing people with blue slip which means requiring more evidences and not approved. It was so nerve-wracking. My husband and I already knew we passed because at the beginning where we had to give our original documents to the staff, we saw a pink slip in our folder. It means our case is approved. The process might be different for other countries. We bought original documents that we submitted to NVC, but the staff only took my husband's birth certificate, identification card, family registry book, marriage certificate, and medical exam certificate. They didn't take my financial documents. Our CEAC status is shown issued the next day 6/28.
  5. Omgggg. We got the interview date! June 27th! Embassy is Ho Chi Minh City. Pd 7/17/18 CC 5/1/19
  6. Gosh...reading this makes me feel upset for you. Like what the hell are they doing to people's cases? I will be so stressed if this happens to me. I am praying for you! Hope everything will be sorted out asap this week so you will get DQ email.
  7. I know someone whose petition was received on 1/18/19 and got approved on 3/28/19. Her service center was Nebraska. She is currently at NVC stage. It's shocking that she got approved so fast. No expedite. They are definitely not reviewing cases by oldest date. It must be random.
  8. I know right? Gosh...just give us the interview dates already. I am tired of waiting every day. Let's pray it will be today!
  9. Congrats to everyone who got their interview letters today! I hope I will get mine soon too. This is exciting!
  10. Congrats!!! I think NVC will start to schedule June interviews next week. It depends on how busy your embassy is
  11. It means case complete. You will get an email sent to your email address with documentarily qualified info and how they will work with the embassy to schedule your interview.
  12. At first, I went into my CEAC to see if there were any updates. I saw one message in the CEAC inbox, and it said all documents are received and approved. Documentarily qualified as the body of the email. I didn't get an email right away. All documents are shown as accepted. Then later in the night I got two emails from NVC that said I am documentarily qualified and all documents approved. Thank you!!! It will be your turn soon!
  13. Yesss! NVC accepted all my documents and got documentarily qualified email! Good luck to everyone! I submitted on 4/13.
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