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  1. We received an email today stating that our documents have been accepted and approved and we shall wait for an interview date. On the ceac portal, however, it says that the petitioner does not have sufficient income to support the intending immigrants. This is an f4 visa. My father is the principal applicant and my aunt is the petitioner. The petitioner's daughter did file as a household member and her documents got accepted too. However, on the portal it says that it in order to avoid delay, we may add a joint sponsor. My question is, is it necessary to add a joint sponsor? My father's friend (US citizen) is willing to file as the joint sponsor.
  2. I need help calculating my cspa age. Could someone please help me with it? Priority date: April 6th, 2006 Approval date: December 31st, 2009 Date of Birth: April 27th, 1995 Priority date will become current on June 1st, 2019. (according to travel.state.gov)
  3. What does the expiration date on the D260 electronic application form mean? I am the principal applicant and I have submitted the online form but it says there expiration date is 04-30-19. What does that mean? ps. The petitioner has yet to submit the Affidavit of support form
  4. Okay so, this is for an F4 visa. I am the principal applicant's daughter. In the online application form, there's a question which asks you if you have ever used any other names. My online friends know me by another name. However this name is not officially used and people other than my internet friends don't even know I have another name. (I originally used it for a language exchange website where people usually pick names in their target language.) Do I need to mention it in the form?
  5. My sister who is a us citizen filed an application for us. At the time of filing we sent our original birth certificates. Now after 13 years our case is at the nvc stage and I am required to upload my birth certificate but I dont have it. I only have photocopies of it. What should I do?
  6. I'm from Pakistan. I will get a certified copy issued asap but I was just worried that they might not accept it
  7. Would it be okay if I inform them beforehand that I have misplaced it?
  8. My sister has applied for an f4 visa for us. Recently we were asked to submit our documents. Unfortunately, I have misplaced my birth certificate and only have photocopies of it. In the "alternate documents" section for my country, it says I can submit the Family Registration Certificate OR a certified copy of my birth certificate. My question is, if I submit either of the two, would it be a problem? Should I get a new birth certificate made?
  9. If my birth certificate is missing, can I submit my Family Registration Certificate, instead? I'm the Principal Applicant
  10. The same happened with us. We contacted NVC and they sent us the letter by email. We then proceeded with our applications.
  11. My aunt has applied for us and she is required to file form i-184 to show that she's financially well enough to sponsor us. My question us, if we're financially stable and can support ourselves, does she still need to file I-184?
  12. Aging out does not depend on your chronological age. Your son could be 27 and still eligible to emigrate if his cspa is under 21. What you could do, is calculate his cspa age. How long did it take for your visa to be approved
  13. In most cases, if you're not eligible, they will not include your name. Pay the fees and go to the interview. The final decision is the counselor's depending on your cspa age.
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