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    LilyJ got a reaction from RJ&RD in I-130 February 2020 Filers   
    No, other online filers have been sent to Texas and Potomac as well, unfortunately online or paper doesn’t matter all of them are randomly sorted to the service centers 
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    LilyJ got a reaction from SMSM2k19 in I-130 Online Filers   
    Online is faster to be received, not faster to be processed. That would require a shorter queue with less petitions. Processing time stays the same, theyre just able to get the petition maybe a few days to a week sooner. Only way processing times will go down is if there’s less petitions, but there’s more and more petitions every year, so I don’t think it’s going to go down any time soon for anyone. Saves paper, though 
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    LilyJ got a reaction from swmfly in Scandinavians Part 2   
    No problem! Bringing relationship evidence is definitely a must but it absolutely doesn’t have to be the same evidence from the I130. All interview notices are sent to the beneficiary’s email, nothing by post
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    LilyJ got a reaction from Adventine in K1 to CR1   
    The big issue I see with switching to CR1 when you are already so late in the K1 process, is you're going to have to start all over again. Even if it takes all the way till spring before they resume K1, that's still way sooner than you'd be granted a CR1.. A CR1 can take upwards of 12-18 months on average (pre-covid..), and while the CR1 does have its advantages over the K1, I'm just not sure if it's really worth it for you to switch to a CR1 this late in the process, especially if getting your fiance here quicker is a big concern since you will be starting totally from scratch vs being a few months or less away from receiving your K1.
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    LilyJ got a reaction from RTimo in Scandinavians Part 2   
    For us it took 5 days, but my husband also lives in Denmark so it had to be shipped a bit farther
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    LilyJ reacted to swmfly in Scandinavians Part 2   
    An update from our side -- after 6 weeks of administrative processing/review, my husband's visa was issued. 
    His passport and original birth certificate were returned to us in Denmark today. We have waited over 800 days (almost 2 years 3 months) for this moment. 
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    LilyJ got a reaction from Scandi in Scandinavians Part 2   
    Under normal circumstances at this point we probably would but money is just too tight for him to be gone another 3 months unfortunately, we’ve already been pushed back 5 months in our process because of covid so we can’t take much more financially  
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    LilyJ reacted to JFH in Instant marriage after divorce.   
    We are all well aware of that. You regularly respond when I mention this. It was the OP that mentioned the child in the first place because he mistakenly thinks that having a child “proves” that the marriage is bona fide. That’s the only thing he has brought to the table thus far when people have pointed out the possible red flags (married on first meeting, married five months after first communicating, different religions, different ethnic origin, her being a divorcee, him being involved with a married woman - in his culture these are more than frowned upon). He is completely missing the obvious and focusing on the wrong things. A bona fide marriage is a strong and happy marriage. He has a mountain ahead of him with the embassy in Pakistan. 
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    LilyJ reacted to jules98 in CR1 or AOS better if you have tourism visa   
    This is irrelevant for op. Intent is determined upon entry, at the border. As you just mentioned you did not have immigration intent. Op has clearly stated that they have immigration intent, hence this is an entirely different case than yours. 
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    LilyJ reacted to Surrey19 in CR1 or AOS better if you have tourism visa   
    It doesnot  matter if it is a rule or not any marriage that is done within 90 days his AOS be denied as a lawyer 
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    LilyJ reacted to geowrian in CR1 or AOS better if you have tourism visa   
    See INA 214(b) to obtain a tourist visa, or INA 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) at POE for entering as an intending immigrant without an immigrant visa (or visa that allows immigrant intent like a K-1 visa).
    Also see the expedited removals some people have received as a result of trying this. Just Google it and you'll see plenty of it.
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    LilyJ reacted to Luckycuds in CR1 or AOS better if you have tourism visa   
    When you enter the US please tell the officer you plan to adjust status while on your trip.You will see what will happen real fast.
    This website does not condone fraudulent or illegal activity. 
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    LilyJ got a reaction from swmfly in Scandinavians Part 2   
    Never mind! His status changed to visa issued today!!!
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    LilyJ got a reaction from Ellxtdan in Scandinavians Part 2   
    Never mind! His status changed to visa issued today!!!
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    LilyJ reacted to Savman in CR1 Spousal Visa   
    All set to file i130. My husband is petitioner. I know the journey will be long but excited to be with him.
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    LilyJ reacted to Ellxtdan in Scandinavians Part 2   
    We have gotten our official approval today! Now we wait for the passport to be returned.
    In case anyone wants to know a recent timeline of the medical results: my husband had his appointment completed on Aug. 20th at the Gothenburg location. The doctor originally assured him that the results would arrive on time for our interview on the 28th, but it was delayed. There is currently a backlog for the radiologist who reads the chest x-ray results, so he/she was unable to get to it until the 28th. The clinic sent the final results on Monday, and the embassy received them this morning. The embassy emailed us to let us know and ask for another copy of the waybill (they said they never received it, but they took it from my husband? Lol). Within 3-ish hours, everything was finished and the visa was issued.
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    LilyJ reacted to jetties in Scandinavians Part 2   
    My passport was finally returned yesterday, a week and a half from the approval. Now my flight is booked, a new job contract signed and we’re finally ready for the next chapter of our lives. I wish you all best of luck in your respective cases
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    LilyJ got a reaction from snowdog in I-130 February 2019 Filers   
    We are probably one of the last ones left in this thread at this point... But finally, almost 18 months later, we are approved! Anyone else that's still waiting in here, don't worry.. you will get there soon  
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    LilyJ got a reaction from Uiyl in I-130 February 2019 Filers   
    Yep, then we got delayed again by 5 months at the interview stage; it was actually originally scheduled for April! But got cancelled because of corona until now.. It's been crazy but we're just glad he finally gets to come here. Thank you, same to you as well!
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    LilyJ got a reaction from XSoldiergal in NVC welcome letter   
    When we had our case, there was no electronic transfer so it took a week for our case to arrive and another 3 or so to get our case number. I think things are much faster these days with IOE and all. But both the petitioner and beneficiary will get an email when the case is created. The beneficiary got a paper mail about it as well, but not until a month later, when we had already submitted everything since we had already gotten the case # a month earlier from email
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    LilyJ reacted to dwheels76 in Case Complete (DQ) to Interview September 2020   
    Well another month gone. Summer is gone. Kids in school. Man it's going fast.  So happy to see embassies moving forward and opening up little by little everything will be back open.
    Congratulations to all the DQ's and especially the those who got their Interview dates and those already interviewed and APPROVED and moving to AMERICA!!.
    Now lets move on over to the new thread. This thread is now closed. Happy New Month of  September. 2020.
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    LilyJ reacted to Luckycuds in Trump proclamation   
    Too bad the hundreds of thousands a year that overstay their visa won't be affected by a wall but yeah, lets waste tax payers dollars when you said Mexico would pay for it. 
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    LilyJ reacted to JFH in Trump proclamation   
    This is posted by a lawyer who wants your money. Look at the official government websites for the rules on who can and cannot come, not a lawyer who wants to scare you into needing their (expensive) services. 
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    LilyJ reacted to 전은영 in I-130 December 2019 Filers   
    lol well that's how we got it. glad you are not the uscis officer. 
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    LilyJ reacted to Catherine2030 in Case Complete (DQ) to Interview September 2020   
    5 months of waiting since DQ because of COVID! Thank GOD for the last day of AUGUST!!! We got our interview!
    Septemver 9th! YEAHHHHH 😍
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