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  1. do you have to submit police records with form I-485 if you have no police record
  2. I used the pic sleeves they give you at like Walgreens or whatever. can you be more specific on the screenshot thing? I would not screenshot anything I sent full copies of every single form and file
  3. did you wait for the embassy to contact before doing the ds160? 

  4. I used word and did just like you described 4 pics as big as I could make them per page with a caption below every pic explaining the date and where and what we were doing. and you can print them on regular paper. currently the visa has been sent to her country so we are waiting on them to contact her to let her know they have her visa and to schedule an appointment. hit me up if you have another question about the folder it took me days and days to do it all
  5. mine was approved 6-21 and on 7-23 I received am email saying they have sent the case to her country. still waiting on them to contact her for the interview. ceas online sass case ready since august 2. but she has not be contacted maybe im not sure what to do next
  6. I finally have all the I-134 and supporting documents to send to my fiancé gathered and organized in page protectors. went to the post office and omg $80 to mail it there lol 

  7. my question was should I put my 401k balance in part 3 question 6. ( market value of my stocks and bonds) or no? I easily meet the income requirements im not worried about that part . a 401 uses stocks and bonds to make money for the 401is why I was asking . I would never ever cash out my 401k that would be insane lol
  8. In part 3 question 6. market value of my stocks and bonds, would I need to include my 401k here or no because really its not stocks that I have bought on my on?
  9. The NVC is sending my case to my fiancés embassy. What exactly should I gather to send to her for the interview? Or should I just send only exactly what they ask for which is very little? job info and bank info
  10. do they not put the consulate name on the noa 2 now? or do they only put approval notice valid date form a date to another date? like july to november
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