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  1. I just saw one jan 2019 filer got approved yesterday at TSC .How they are proceeding cases🤔🤔
  2. as i see they are working on august and starting september filers . i hope they move fast 🙏🙏
  3. yeah i also just checked it!!!!! Texas start working on September filers and i see 5-10 or more approvals and some RFEs of first week of september filers.. Hopefully they move as fast as we want.But still im so far .. im a december filer☹️ and have to wait for 2 or more months to hear anything from them😢
  4. Yeah but in our case beneficiary is still in india she didnt get her visa bcz our case had passed the time period. Mine was approved by uscis . Now we are in Cr1 processing. we are worried if it affects our processing or may be it will delay our case, ☹️
  5. Hello everyone ,,, i want to ask if here is anyone who applied before k1 visa that was expired or denied by uscis!?? And now is in I-130 process ?? let me know please bcz m so worried if this effects on my spouse case ???thank you 🙏
  6. we didnt live continously 6 months after marriage but lived together more than 6 months like almost 7 months or may by 6 months total.
  7. after our marriage we lived for 4 months and then go back to US then he came in september 2018 and lived for 3 months . So what should out status now
  8. what do you mean not living more than six months with him , we were married in Jan 2018 .
  9. yeah but how it affects in future tax?? my friends husband i talked yesterday she is now in US , her husband is us citizen , i talked to her husband too , he said he filed single ,now his wife is here and now they change the status from single to married . some people talked about that if you didnt filed married filing seprately you will have problem in future taxes . OR is there any rules change for tax filing for married couples ??
  10. Hey guys now im so confused what to do because many of you says to file tax as married filing seprately and some says single is okay.My husband file as a single ! what to do now because we are not in a nvc stage yet but we dont want to delay our case in next coming months .. So can anybody tell me and help me in this ? Does it will impact on our case if my husband filed single..?? if yes then what can he do now ?? Can he change status now ?? and whats that form of filing tax 1099 or 1040 and whats w2 or w7.
  11. thank you dear !! you give us a big relief bcz we were so confused of taxes ☺️☺️🙏🙏
  12. one more question ,, how to get tax transcripts after paid tax of 2018 my husband already paid off 2018 ??