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  1. . I'm trying to contact with Moroccan embassy but there's no answer I don't know who's can I contact for my situation. Everyday I checked Visa status check but nothing new just administrative processing. I sent them Documents then 12 weeks by Aramex. Tonight I try with check visa applications type then I choose nonimmigrant Visa but it's say your search did not return any data. So I don't know what to do
  2. I sent this in Documents. I don't know if I will send something else
  3. Yes you are right. I remember she put her case number. Do I have to email embassy again
  4. Thanks brother. Do I have to give them 221g with Documents. Because when she went to aramex she gave them Documents and her passport but not paper 221g.that is ok
  5. Yes the joint sponsor provide tax transcripts and file 864i
  6. No they give her passport after interview, but she give them it back with documents wishs passport, 864i
  7. Yes they asked her for joint sponsor and she email it to aramex but I think she didn't give them 221g back. Do she have to give to them too?
  8. My spouse had an interview , but unfortunately she was asked to provide I-864 joint sponsor . So she sent it to embassy by Aramex. from that time not hear nothing. And I checked my case online was last time updated on 02/07/2019 and 03/27/2019 I sent them emails but there no respond Any explanation regarding this matter will be very appreciated, thanks
  9. do you think if she prov it that all what i need?
  10. the mil household is only her. she would have to use her assets as income so how much would she need to show to be joint sponsor?