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  1. It has taken 7 months, but my US-China attorney has secured a police clearance for my Filipina wife for the time we lived in China (2015-18). We are now starting NVC stage. They just got it today and will get it notarized in china. The lawyer will attach a letter stating that the police were only able to give a clearance for 2017-18 because of blah blah. Anyway my question is about translation. As my wife will need to take her criminal check to the Manila embassy and I do believe the NVC will require it too (copy) it will need certified tranlation, according the NVC site. ll documents not written in English, or in the official language of the country in which you are applying for a visa, must be accompanied by certified translations. The translation must include a statement signed by the translator stating that: The translation is accurate, and The translator is competent to translate. So...my lawyer says they can translate it before they Fedex it to me. Can just the lawyer do the translation and include these two points above on an attached letter? he translation is accurate, and The translator is competent to translate. Should it be attached by staple? I am sorry just took 7 months and I do not want to screw it up. Thanks
  2. So we have the NOA2 now for the IR spousal. The NVC stage which we are preparing for now...they want to see JUST financials? Meaning they don't need another copy of our overseas wedding certificate? That would take weeks to get for me. So they need the Aff of Support Last 3 years tax records Copy of last 3 months paycheck stubs My indep contractor paperwork Correct? When do they want things like records of my Xoom money I sent to her monthly, emails, FB chats, paper letters, and her criminal background checks? thanks
  3. I walked away from this already. It does not matter what you say, everything is politics now.
  4. The Hill, Fortune, Forbes. Is this enough? My God. Need to see my credentials? I am white. Republican and live in a southern state (all true by the way) Good God, people. Just asking a basic question...a couple have given answers but others want to harp on what sources. Just forget it.
  5. Note: This is not a political discussion, just a policy one. I have been reading the papers and reputable sources online that really tend to frankly, scare me, about the administration's plan for either slowing down, changing, or upping denials of legal spousal visas. I am now on month 9 just about (Nebraska center) for my Filipina wife's spousal petition. With one NOA so far. I am now second guessing myself as if I should have filed in 2015 or 2016. Is anyone else nervous about the news articles, proposals, etc? Again, this is not a discussion to inflame politics. And yes, I am aware that USCIS states the Nebraska center is 9.5 to 13 months, but is that for both NOA? I am confused.
  6. Hello Teachertrav i'm in the same boat, how did you manage to secure a police clearance for your filipina wife



  7. I recently checked my timeline estimate...I got my NOA1 or my spousal visa for my wife on Sept 5. The timeline says... Based on timeline data, your I130 may be adjudicated between July 8, 2019 and July 31, 2019*. Adjudicated means the visa approval date or what? And how accurate are these timelines...if no RFE?
  8. Well, I am at the 7 month mark for my wife's spousal visa application. Hopefully, we will be together by Thanksgiving, I am hoping. The whole immigration system is so screwed up now vs when I did it the first time in 2007, under President Bush.
  9. Hi all... My father is 72 and a veteran with social security and a military disability pension. All adds up to about 19,700 a year. He is looking at sponsoring a fiance visa. Do the income guidelines equally apply to veterans and seniors? It seems to me, under normal rules, he is shy a few hundred dollars of the poverty level. Suggestions, insights?
  10. Yeah but in China (where we lived) it is local. There is not a national one. And it very much depends on the local cops. The Philippines does a national one, yes. She can easily get the NBI one but when we lived in China....that is the issue
  11. So I know my wife will need a police clearance from China, as we lived there for 3 years previously. She is back in Philippines now where our IR1 is processing. I have gone ahead and contacted some police clearance agencies that work in China. If you lived in Shanghai you are in luck..anywhere else (like us) you are SOL. These agencies, most of them, claim that our city in China (Taiyuan) may or may not issue a police clearance...depends on how the drunk captain on duty feels that day. They have said however, if it is denied, they CAN furnish documentation showing the attempt was made which we can show the US govt in lieu of a police clearance which may be IMPOSSIBLE to get. So I am curious....we are at month 6.....can I go ahead and request one now? I dont want the wife to go and they ask for one at the embassy and then they say come back in 9 months with one. If they do request something like this from the Embassy would she just go back like a month later with the clearance/documents or push her back several months?
  12. Hi All! I am not on month 6 since USCIS got my petition and sent my NOA1. Ive checked the website and no updates at all. My immigration guy (i have used him before and he did a good job) says it takes generally 6-10 months with 6-7 being the average for the process. I dont want to call to be a pain but any advice as to when things might kick up? I am headed to The Philippines for June and July to be with the wife and fingers crossed she comes back with me
  13. hi all, im curious, some of my income is from a foreign source...they are not a US based company. i read somewhere that my foreign income cannot be used to come up with my threshold for the i864...correct or not?
  14. Hello all So I am getting ready to file my taxes. I have my regular job income and my sideline 1099 independent contractor job. I did not make much as I relocated to the US after working n China for half the year, where I will qualify for my final FEIE (foreign income exclusion). So I made 10k at my day job and 4k at my 1099. My wife is still overseas waiting for her visa, IR1. We have always filed MFS as she has no ssn. I calculated I may owe in the area of 700-800 dollars if I file in April. If I file a 6 month extension and wait for my wife to arrive (hopefully by summer) she gets a ssn my total owed after filing MFJ would drop to like 60 bucks. Advice on this?
  15. That makes a lot of sense, thank you. Essentially, if I were employed on June 4 and send the documents on that date and then became temporarily unemployed on June 10 it would be valid?
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