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  1. My interview is scheduled this March and was wondering if you can help me out with the following questions 1) Is I-134, W2s and paystubs enough or do we need anything else from the US citizen like tax return filing docs. 2) Are 2 years of W2 sufficient? 3) How many paystubs do we need. (Like last 3-4 months or 6 months?) 4) We were also planning to letter from my fiancee's employer. The employer provided us with the following draft. Does this sound good or do we need to include any more information? 5) Is business casual a proper dress code or do I have to wear a suit and a tie? To Whom it May Concern, This letter is to confirm that <petitioner-name> has been employed with us since <data>. <petitioner-name> is currently working with us as a <petitioner-title>. Her annual salary is <petitioner-salary>. This is a full-time position. If further information is needed, please contact <employer-number>.