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  1. I called that same 800 number, chose the option 'for permanent residents' and then 'if you don't know or lost your receipt number'. Waited like forever.
  2. I hope they are just overloaded. But even if it's an interview, I'll be happy to answer all their questions to get that nightmare over with. Good luck, Alex.
  3. Called USCIS this morning, so far they are swearing that it's a standard workload processing, no RFE or interview needed. I submitted like about 300 pages of different dociments, lots of paperwork indeed! You know, I'd be happy if it's an interview, just not that endless waiting again! 😢
  4. Hello, has anyone's I-751 case been transferred to National Benefits Center WITHOUT any RFE or filing N-400, with the mailed notice letter stating the case was moved 'for a standard processing'? What is that supposed to mean? I'm July 17, 2017 filer at CSC, transferred to NSC on September 18, 2018 and now just recently on January 04, 2018 have been transferred to NBC, Lee Summit. I'm one step away from a nervous breakdown at this point, any information would be highly appreciated!
  5. Mine has this standard processing reason, I also have a divorce waiver. Did you have RFE? And did you submit a lot of documents?
  6. Did your transfer notice letter you've got by mail say it was sent there to schedule an interview? They usually state the reason for transferring your case, like 'as a part of standard processing', or 'for faster processing' or 'to schedule an interview'.
  7. I'm so sorry for being a pain in the neck but, my case wast first received at CSC on July 17, 2017, then transferred to NSC on September 18, 2018. And just recently on January 4, 2019 it was transferred to NBC. So, about that backlog - does it mean they are helping with cases in general (like issuing RFE, etc.) or helping with approvals and printing green cards?
  8. Hello, Anyone had their I-751 transferred to National Benefits Center in Lee Summit, MO without filing N-400? The letter says the case was transferred for a standard processing. No RFE or interview mentioned. Can anyone tell me what to expect?! Totally losing sleep here. 😢
  9. Hi everyone, WAC17289#####, filed July 17 2017, also transferred to Nebraska on Sept 18, 2018. Only have that "We received your Form I-751 ... and we are working on your case..." notice, nothing else so far. Anyone at all heard at least anything since being transferred to Nebraska?!