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  1. Hi Mash, They received my packet 11/5 and accepted payment for fingerprint 11/7. I had submitted it originally at Phoenix Lockbox and rerouted to Nebraska. I called them last Thurs11/29 to check the status and they told me they are preparing to send something in the mail. and just like that my extension came around 10am pacific time! 🤙😅
  2. New here! 😅 Sharing my timeline: Packet sent: 11/02/2018 via Fedex Delivered: 11/05/2018 at Phoenix Lockbox (signed by: C. Miller) SMS Received: 11/09/2018 ***Case Received Receipt# LIN********** (Nebraska) ***Fingerprint Fee Received ***Mailed Official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) as updated on Case Tracker. Best of Luck to y’all... 🤙😉
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