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  1. I scheduled an appointment online on the USCIS website. You just type in your details and go with the next best date! When I was down there I just explained my situation. So how my DL had expired, was stuck unable to get myself around etc. Also, my Granddad died a few weeks ago and I mentioned how it had been tough not being able to go home for the funeral. The man wrote all this in the expedite request I believe, and I guess I was just very lucky!
  2. Hi all September AOS filers! I have been a silent observer since my K1 application, but moved to Texas in July this year. I just thought I would post my updates so far, as they have shocked me! I sent the entire AOS packet (along with EAD and AP) just before Labour Day weekend, and it was received on September 6th. I went ahead and got my driving license in August and then when my 90 days were up from my I-94, this expired! I was told this could not be renewed until my Social Security Card matched my new marital name (I already had my SSN from a previous J-1 Visa). For some reason this had been a huge problem for the people at the Social Security Office and they could not perform a simple name change due to immigration issues, and said to come back when I had my EAD or Green Card. Very much defeated I booked an appointment online with USCIS at the Dallas Field Office for that week...I guess I got lucky. The man who served me was understanding and actually put an expedite request in for me. He said he couldn’t guarantee that it would work, as it was still quite early and my timeline had suggested around late December/early January for my EAD/AP approval. Without much hope, I left and went back to waiting. However, 3 days later I checked my app and had been approved! I received my notice of action in the mail that week, and had my combo card in hand on Tuesday 6th November. My Green Card is now ready for interview, but who knows how long that could be. So, what I would say is, if you can get in at any field office...do it, because it was amazingly worth it for me!