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  1. Yes, we completed DS-160 before Case Number. You need the invoice number to schedule the actual appointment - which for us was done online. I'm not sure how your country works though.. Good luck!! We also scheduled medical and interview (as medical requires an interview date) prior to when we received notification that our case was in transit. I'm definitely a risk taker, but I've been studying the trends, you should be fine!
  2. Does anyone have P3 for Afghanistan? I'm pretty sure it's all the information available on the Consulate and Medical websites but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. We were able to scheduled the interview and medical already. I've been studying and researching this process for so long now that I think I could start a small business (jk)!
  3. Hi all, We got our petition approved on 12 Dec 18 but our case has not yet made it to NVC. I’m concerned about the threats of this government shutdown and how it might affect our process. Any info or insight is appreciated, thank you.