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  1. I should have been more clear. She's been here over 2 years and we put in for the 10 year change of status papers.
  2. my thanks to all. I will file the 130 for her with the tax refund. Thanks again
  3. Is it to our advantage for me to adopt her first? can I do that from the US? do I adopt her first in Phils? Do I just apply for a 485 or 130 for her, what am I to do to get the ball rolling. Her mom will have been here 3 years in July, 2019. Is it better to wait and have her mom send for her after she's a citizen? How long does it take after her 3 years is up before she can become a citizen? thanks all.
  4. we were in no position to bring her here 2 years ago. No money, and she spoke no English at all. So she's been in private school and my wife's been working. We'll be ready to bring her here soon. Thanks.
  5. i am a US citizen, a 70% disabled veteran, retired on my disability payments and SS retirement pension. My wife got here from Phills 27 months ago, was awarded a 2 year visa in December of 2016. We have applied for her 10 year visa. she is working 60 hours per week. What must we do to get her 8 year old. daughter here? Is it advisable for me to adopt her before bringing her here? why or why not? What is this all going to cost me? Thank you.