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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you all for giving suggestions before! I promise i will share more info once i have the update, i just got my i-485 approval last week! My attorney suggested us to provide more evidence to USCIS instead of filling i-601, so here's our timeline Oct-2018 hired attorney Jan-2019 sent RFE response to USCIS Fab-2019 i-485 approved According to my lawyer, if USCIS gave you two options, then you should prepare all the documents you have to prove yourself, if failed then you can consider i-601 afterwards, don't just file i-601 because it shows you admitted that you are at fault. (at least in our case, may not apply to everyone.) Also do NOT try to file i-601 yourself, if you ever got requested to file i-601, talk to attorneys. We consulted multiple attorneys and then decided, it cost more but having someone whom you can trust is really important. (One attorney we met recommended our attorney to us, and i am glad we had him!) If anyone has any question or need my attorney's info feel free to message me (Boston/Great Boston/MA) Thank you so much again for the help!
  2. Hi everyone, thank you for commenting and providing suggestions here! I have talked to a few lawyers but the appointments would be in next week, and i got given different opinions on this case... i would keep you guys updated and i hope everything goes well...
  3. Hi thank you for the reply, according to the letter "On Sep 2017 you married US citizen and on Dec 2017 you entered the US as a nonimmigrant visitor under the visa waver program, for a period of time not to exceed 90 days. You immediately assumed residency with your US citizen spouce and filed your I-485 within the 90 days period. USCIS takes the position that you entered the US for the purpose of seeking adjustment of status to that of a permanent resident." i am looking into lawyer now if anyone knows the good one in Boston area feel free to recommend. any comment is appreciated too
  4. Hi everyone, i received a letter from USCIS after my greencard interview,it requested me to either submit a i601 OR provide the evidence that i failed to depart the US for the reasons that's beyond my control. (the letter said it appears that i am inadmissible to the US under INA212(a)(6)(c)(i) for fraud or misrepresentation.) background: got married on Sep 2017 (we were in a relationship for more than an year) entered the US on Dec 2017 with ESTA i was planning on staying just a month, but my father in law got badly injured 10 days before i arrived, and my husband's grandma passed away 3 days after my arrival. my husband was the only person that makes money after his dad was injured, and he was upset and under stress so i decided to stay here for him and his family. my question is 1. Do i submit a 601 or provide the evidence that i failed to depart for the reasons that's beyond my control? 2.i have an infopass appointment next week, what can i ask to help with the situation? 3.if i chose to provide the evidence and my 485 gets denied, do i need to leave the US straight away? 4.if i apply for CR1 when i return to my country, does the previous denial record affect my future application? any suggestion is welcomed, thank you.