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  1. Thank you for the fast response! Do they perform a background check against those addresses? I guess what I am asking is, would it be bad to guess on these things?
  2. Hello, I'm engaged to a Brazilian woman, and I have some questions about the i295f petition. 1) Her father is deceased, but in the petition it asks for both parents residences and does not specify whether they are alive or deceased. Obviously her father does not live in any location now, so should I leave the information for her father blank or should I fill out his info and put in the city he resides as "DECEASED"? 2) The petition asks for 5 years worth of employment history, but my fiance has been self-employed during a large portion of this time. Is there anything I should be aware of to put in the employer name or just put Self-Employed? 3) The petition asks for 5 years of address history, but she had moved a lot before (because Brazil is poor, and she rented rooms for short durations). She does not know the address of every place for the last 5 years. Is this a problem? What should we do about this? I'm just trying to make sure I am prepared as much as possible to not have delays or denials on the petition so I wanted to check with this forum to see what I should do about those concerns. I am sure others have come across these same situations, so getting insight about this before I file the petition would be very helpful. Thank you!
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