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  1. Very true, ty everyone who has answered my questions on this matter, it is very appreciated.
  2. can one go into their UI and change the details to have taxes applied from federal and state if after the initial filing they have it set for no fed/state taxes to be taken out??
  3. Will they take taxes out of the extra $600 before they send it out even one elected to not have federal/state taxes being taken out of the original UI they were eligible for?
  4. From what I have read the people who are claiming unemployment are getting now an extra $600 per week if it applies to the state you are living in as a way to cover any loss wages. The question I have is since that is an extra measure being put into place and a blanket application that is being applied to everyone on unemployment, do we have to pay taxes on that extra $600 when we file in 2021 for 2020, or is it just paying on the taxes for the actual unemployment we qualify for and not the extra measure of the $600?
  5. Both of these hold very true, when we did the AOS for my wife we got issued RFE for I-864, they wanted tax documents which we forgot to submit, so we submitted all that, got a joint-sponsor, fixed our mistakes, sent it in and was smooth sailing. But I agree with others, best option here is to refile with the new appropriate forms, good luck.
  6. Exactly what @Steeleballz said, no fraud at all going on here, I filed taxes with my wife now in 2020 for 2019, my parents haven't filed their 2019 taxes yet this year, but on their 2018 taxes filed last year they had me as a dependent, which was correct at the time, but now when they file their new taxes they will not be able to claim me as a dependent and they know that. None of the like will be happening, thread was strictly speaking about the situation and I was asking about my parents because they were generally curious about if the above scenario affected me getting my stimulus benefit, as me and my wife we also curious.
  7. That completely makes sense, thank you so much for the very clear explanation. I assume the part was condensed, it was from Yahoo.com, but that completely makes sense for the eligibility requirements, thank you for the clarification. Trying to understand all this tax stuff one hurdle at a time .
  8. Also was reading from a source today, that this is exactly who doesn't get a stimulus check, I am having a hard time understanding the wording. They stated these are the people who do not get the stimulus check: "Those without a Social Security number and nonresident aliens — those who aren’t a U.S. citizen or U.S. national and don’t have a green card or have not passed the substantial presence test — aren’t eligible." My wife at the time of us filing our taxes was technically a non-resident alien in immigration status with AOS pending, but for tax purposes we elected to have her treated as Resident Alien. She now in current day has her conditional green card, she got it on March 10th. Will she get hers? I have had answers from some other people saying she will, but this proclaim from the stimulus bill has me a little bit confused. Just going to @geowrian also as he saw my other post on this. Ty everyone, amazing community we have here .
  9. Does that mean my parents would still get money for having me as a dependent on their most recent tax return if that is the one they have to go off for them?
  10. Sorry about the misunderstanding I didn't mean it as something I think, more as my understanding. I have also heard that for this stimulus, overpayments will not have be paid I believe, @geowrian stated where that information is at. I did check no to that, made sure no one can file me as a dependent. Since that has happened the fact the most recent tax return for my parents I was a dependent doesn't matter? It would go off the most recent for MYSELF which is my own taxes, and would ignore the fact that I am a dependent on my parents most recent for their 2018 taxes filed in 2019?
  11. Confused about all of this, what I am not sure of is: 1. Will we get the benefit of $2.4k for us both since we filed our joint taxes this year for 2019, BUT I was claimed as a dependent on my parents last tax return which was their 2018 taxes filed in 2019. I have my own taxes, but am claimed on my parents last years, so with this scenario will me and my wife get the benefit even tho they state dependents don't get the benefit, since I am not a dependent for my current state, but TECHNICALLY I am from my parents last years, most recent taxes since they haven't filed in 2020 for 2019 yet. 2. Will my parents get the money for having me as a dependent on their most recent last years taxes, or will they not pay them that benefit since I have my own joint filed taxes now, and if they overpay my parents for me, will they have to pay it back? I completely understand that they are based on the 2019 or 2018 filings, but this scenario is really confusing me as it entails my most recent where we do qualify, and my parents most recent which I am a dependent, but they haven't filed for this year. From what I am seeing we should get the benefit of the $2.4k, but just want some clarification.
  12. what about my parents taxes that it will go off for them, on theirs I am classed as a dependent, even tho I have my own taxes now, what will happen with theirs will they just not get the 500$ for me on theirs since I have my own joint taxes filed for 2019?
  13. filed jointly for 2019, in 2020* sorry that's what I meant
  14. The scenario is that me and my wife firstly filed taxes as married filing jointly for 2020, we filed the taxes already this year. Now here is where the situation gets a little different, my parents have not filed their taxes for 2019 yet. On my parents 2019 taxes for 2018, so their most recent taxes they claimed me as a dependent. And what I am hearing is that anyone that was claimed as a dependent does not get the benefit. So will me and my wife still get 2.4k? 1.2k for us both since we filed taxes this year. Or will we not get any money since my parents have not filed taxes for 2019 yet, and they claimed me as a dependent on their last taxes which were in 2019 for 2018. From what I am believing we will get the $2.4k but just trying to see exactly if we can expect to get it. Ty in advance.
  15. that calculation made it make complete sense, seeing it directly laid out like that, so the advance rebate we are receiving is acting as a deduction which in turn would be the amount we owe, the CARES act credit at time of filing is acting as an addition as we would be due that at time of filing, those offset each other, which leaves the normal tax refund. Ty so much, that really made it make sense. And yeah don't worry about the $3000 was just random numbers, but you made it make sense.
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