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  1. Another question: Questions 24.a, 24.b, 24.c Total income per tax year with MFJ but if just using one of the spouses and not both from MFJ tax transcript, would the Total Income listed be that spouses individual W-2 income for that year or the Total Income listed for both partners on the Tax Transcript? And on Part 6 question 20, if same scenario as above MFJ tax transcript, but using just one spouses income, would the "My current annual Household Income" be that spouses individual income as stated on their W-2 or the total income for both spouses for that year from the most recent tax transcript, from what I am gathering is that it would just be that spouses if not using the household member(spouse), but I just want to make sure. Then with Part 6 where it talks about Sponsor's Employment and Income, if I am not using mom as household member, but since she is still apart of the tax transcript would I leave her information as person 1 blank, and only have my dad listed, or still fill in my moms information for name, relationship, and current income, but if not wanting to use her income leave it blank? I am curious about this because the exact way it reads it says "Income you are using from any other person who was counted in your household size". Does that mean using to help sponsor, or who was used in configuring the total income on the Tax Transcript? Thank you in advance
  2. Question about the Tax Transcript: I see the line "Total INcome" above the Adjustments to Income section, although what I do not see is anywhere where the tax transcript is breaking the income down into 2 parts, mom's and dad's. For how I was understanding how the transcript would work with MFJ is that it would state my moms and dads income separately and then showcase the total together, which would be an addition of those 2. But I can't seem to run across the two incomes stated separately. Am I reading something wrong? I am trying to figure out the exact amount to put down for my dad on it for my dads I-864 but I just see total income, not it stated separately. And the names stated on the tax transcript says both my mom and my dad. Comparing the Wage and Income transcript with the Tax Return Transcript , the Wages, tips and other compensation comes out to a number that is not seen on the Tax Return Transcript so this is where my confusion lies. The number from the Wage and Income Transcript is used, or just get my dad's W-2's to get the correct number or is there a spot actually on the MFJ Tax Return to get each spouses individual income? From everything I am gathering, the answer to the last question is no, and the W-2's are needed to get individual income, and W-2's from employer would match the income from the Wage and Income Transcript part where it has " Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement" line "Wages, Tips and Other Compensation.
  3. That works perfectly, I see that being a much more organized way, doing one covering each of the tax years for non filing, then one stating changes made to I-864, and explaining that there are more pay stubs, and that I am including my birth certificate as proof of USC, then another letter explaining situation and including of a joint sponsor if needed. I was also reading through other I-864 RFE's and very closely reading the instructions for the I-864 and I realized if I don't use my mom as the household member (which I am still figuring out if I will be able to, should know within the next week or so), I will need to supply my dads W-2's, as its a clause if using just the joint's income when MFJ.
  4. That's exactly what I am trying to figure out, from what I have gathered is that with sending in this new I-864 packet for my RFE is that every time a change is made is best to write in a letter stating the change is made and why, so currently I was planning on writing about 5. 1 for all changes made in the new I-864 itself that I am submitting 1 for 2018 IRS non-filing letter stating that I made below the required amount to file that year, so I was exempt to filing by law 1 for 2016 IRS non-filing letter stating that I made below the required amount to file that year, so I was exempt to filing by law 1 stating that this is my first full time job out of school, and that I may not meet the income requirements so for this I am getting a joint sponsor Then I was going to include more paystubs this go around so wasn't sure if I needed to for that one. This is just what I have understood as best to do, if there is a better way of going about it please let me know, I greatly appreciate all help.
  5. W-2's for most recent tax year only or all 3? Thanks in advance. Hope this also helps OP aswell
  6. Side question on the matter, would a wage and income transcript suffice for the W-2 for the joint sponsor if MFJ that year? My co-sponsor (for same RFE as the OP) is MFJ so curious about this, I have the wage and income transcripts ready to be used if these suffice.
  7. Another question that I ran into as I was going through the I-864 packet about household size, The two statements: "If you have dependent children, enter the number here" "If you have any other dependents, enter the number here" My dad has 2 children above the age of 18 that he claimed on his taxes, and 1 child under the age of 18 that was claimed on his taxes, does that mean it would be 1 dependent child, and 2 "other dependents" as above the age of 18 and not classified as child anymore?
  8. Another question I thought I may as well ask, in this new I-864 packet I am sending in redone, in the original I had 6 months or so of paystubs, would it be alright if I sent in more paystubs this time, I can send in another 2 months, would I need to have another letter stating this change of addition of more pay stubs and why?
  9. I'm assuming for the publications for each '18/'16 just print out the 1 page with the table on it that showcases the amount that you have to be at under to file, which on each is page 2, not anymore pages than that correct, or would they want to see the title page? Also just as a curiosity I wanted to ask, my employment letter says the original embassy Kerri had her K-1 interview at, does the fact it has this address on it matter?
  10. Alright that's perfect, thank you so much, I will use the IRS guidelines along with my written letter + non-filing IRS letter for 2018 & 2016. Then also a letter stating all changes I made to I-864 and why. Lastly a letter as you mentioned previously about how this is my first full time position out of school and I may not meet requirements, for that sake I am getting a joint sponsor, who has their I-864 included. I have been going through that link for the very detailed I-864 that you provided earlier in the thread, it is amazing, thank you so much for it.
  11. Alright thanks, I'm guessing the IRS literature here is just the statement the IRS makes on their guidelines that if you make under x amount you don't gotta file?
  12. I will be having to send only the paystubs, as I am not able to get an employment letter for my joint sponsor, so I will have the last years pay stubs to come up with current income, will that be an issue? And that is what I started to see I am putting together a brand new I-864 part of the AOS together as if no RFE completely from the grounds up, but of course stating where I made changes and why
  13. Another question I have is that I am curious if I should include the Wage and Income Transcript since it includes the W-2, everyone says just the tax transcript is fine(which I am including the tax transcripts for the last 3 tax years), but I went over the tax transcript and nowhere does it specifically say "W-2" on it
  14. I am going through the guide to the 864 that you posted and as I am going through the part about what to submit with the fact that you were not required to file the I-864 they said this: If you were not required to file a Federal income tax return under U.S. tax law because your income was too low, attach a typed or printed explanation.[98] Typically, this should be “a written statement from the sponsor, signed under penalty of perjury, attesting to the amount of his or her income for the relevant year and to the fact that a tax return was not required by law.”[99] Also attach “a copy of the instructions from the IRS publication that shows you [were] not obligated to file.” What exactly are they talking about here? Would the IRS non filing letter suffice this? Also this is the first time I am seeing this, there is a checklist of what to include in your I-864 and they have this: Evidence of your U.S. domicile. In most cases, to prove U.S. domicile, submit copies of a state driver’s license or ID card and either (a) evidence of employment in the U.S.. or (b) a few recent utility bills. If you’ve been residing abroad, see above for suggested evidence. This is the first time I have seen something like this
  15. but then why does it say as a required document a birth cert , and in bold it states a must have, I didn't read anywhere in the i-864 instructions that k1's were exempt. Yeah I understand the logic of I must of have been a usc for file the K1 but, I never saw anything stating the exemption stated anywhere, just the requirement of needing to supply it.
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