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  1. Forgot to add in the post, yes we will still be staying active in this forum from time to time, there are so many helpful people in this forum even for the future aspects of the immigration process and we will most likely have questions in the future, so you will most likely still hear from us from time to time And yes most certainly we will keep you all updated on how POE goes!
  2. Me and Kerri would both like to say a final thank you to everyone in this forum, you all have helped us so much and have really helped guide us in this part of the process. With us receiving our visa today (hooooorayyyyy!!!), Kerri's (she's UK) plane ticket is now booked for her port of entry on May 29th, and we are so excited to finally be together again in person. We had to wait out and be long distance the entirety of the K1 process so it is well overdue. But with that being said, it is onto the next step in the journey, AOS, and everything else after. Again thank you all so much, this really is a big loving family where we all help each other out, and it is so amazing to be able to come to you lovely people when there is a question we were just uncertain about. To anyone else who is just starting the process, or in the middle, or waiting for the NOA2 and thinks it will never come, or anyone else feeling like the process is taking forever, just hang in there it will be over in the blink of an eye and before you know it, it is all worth it to be with the one you love. From Kerri and Myles ~Thank You to everyone
  3. Yeah it was only in non-immigrant AP for about a day, was so quick!
  4. It has now moved to "Issued" as of 17-May-2019, seems so unreal!
  5. Our status moved to "Non-Immigrant AP" next step "Issued" wooohooo
  6. We just got approved today for the visa at the interview (Hooray!), just curious how long to go from "Ready" after approval to "Administrative Processing" before "Visa Issued". Just trying best to gauge the rest of the timeline.
  7. Congrats! Our visa interview is tomorrow!
  8. I have been looking around the forum a lot, and I can't seem to find a concrete answer of "yes you can" or something of the sort so, if someone could please give me a clear cut answer, I would really really appreciate it, would help a lot. The question I have is, our CEAC status now says READY, so it's time to book the interview, the thing I am curious about is packet 3. I don't have packet 3 in hand yet, but I have seen on some posts you need it, and some you don't so can I book my interview now that the status says ready and go to my interview without even having packet 3?
  9. On the medical questionnaire under the area "visa category" do we put K-1 Visa, Immigrant or Non-Immigrant. We were a little confused about this because its classified as non-immigrant, treated as immigrant, or do we put K-1 Thanks for the help in advaance, her medical is on Wednesday
  10. It depends upon which embassy you are with, please fill in your timeline so we can better help you
  11. ohhh okay, and when you have the 10 year green card after a set amount of time is when you can then proceed with the N-400 with naturalization correct? Thanks in advance, was curious.
  12. Sorry just a fellow K-1er here, I am a little confused what is the document "it" you all are talking about, the document that you have to be within the 90 day window of your conditional green card expiring if I am understanding this all properly.
  13. yeah we have read them, was more just getting confirmation from the thread, making sure we are doing things properly. Scheduling the medical next, then once CEAC case status says 'READY' then scheduling the interview, and making sure they are 2 weeks apart from each other to give it time for the medical results to get to the embassy
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