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    babybabycakes reacted to The Conqueror in K1 AOS Middle name REMOVAL?   
    Hi KayDeeCEE,
    This is my dilemma today, I just had my AOS interview and passed. Got 10yrs Green card.
    The IO said I cannot used my Maiden name as my Middle name here.
    Example: Dahlia Montez Mallari (Single/Maiden Name)
    First / Mothers Maiden / Fathers Last name
    Now Married: Dahlia Mallari McDonald
    First Name/ Maiden Name/ My Husband Last Name
    IO said I cannot use "Mallari" as my Middle name it should be "Montez". So she made correction on my application so my name will be issued in my Green card will be " Dahlia Montez McDonald". The only way I can do the way we do it in the Philippines is to go to the court here and have my name change. She said according to US law, this is how it should be done.
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    babybabycakes reacted to Randyandyuni in PDOS OR GCP?   
    Wife was only asked for a copy of the cenomar but that was a couple of years ago
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    babybabycakes reacted to Hank_ in PDOS OR GCP?   
    You are K-1  you attend GCP.
    Link to CFO and appt scheduling from the below link
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    babybabycakes got a reaction from apawsiopao in CASE APPROVED IN USCIS PAGE BUT NO EMAIL/TEXT to us   
    Don’t worry. You’ll receive a letter from them soon. Keep in mind that everything needs to be shipped and it usually takes a couple of days.
    Mine was approved last Sept 12th, and my fiancé received a letter on the 15th.
    My worries now is in NVC. It’s been passed 30days and we still haven’t heard from them. When my fiancé called them the only thing they said was “they cannot give timeline” after being on hold for 15mins!
    It was weird because on the letter USCIS sent, it says NVC only takes 2-4 weeks before forwarding it to my embassy/consulate.
    It’s been such a long wait. But, oh well.. good luck to us! We’ll get everything done soon for sure :)
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