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  1. Jeff & Laila

    NVC Phone Number?

    Thanks Celie & Joseph!
  2. Is there a phone number for the National Visa Center to call for information about the status of your case? Thank you in advance.
  3. Yeah! Finally received our I-130 approval! Next stop, NVC!

  4. Thank you, Brenda. Yes, I did. I actually just contacted my senator's office again today. (For the third time.) I have no faith that it will help in any way, however. The thing that is so excruciating is seeing that just about everyone else who sent their I-130s to the Potomac Service Center in March like us have now already been processed. Clearly the months they are really working on are July and August. And here our I-130 from March is going nowhere. And there is no information. No request for additional information, no telling us that we filled something out incorrectly, nothing. Just utter limbo. It was a genuine glimmer of hope to see your I-130, that was received even before ours, come through. I guess it does happen. I will take your advice and continue to be patient. Thanks again, Brenda. And also again, congratulations!
  5. Congratulations Brenda and Clifford! Honestly, seeing your approval gives me hope for my wife and me. It seems everyone else that I am seeing approved at the Potomac Service Center has a NOA1 date from around June or July. I have been wondering what happened to us??!!?? (We're from March.) Seeing that you too had to wait so long at least gives me some consolation that we are not the only ones who, for whatever reason, seemed to have been put at the far back of the line...
  6. Thank you for your reply, Rell22. It is definitely nice to get a little moral support. A couple of things though; with regard to other cases having gone ahead of mine because possibly they went to a different service center: in the searches that I do, I only look at the Potomac Service Center. Therefore, all of the cases from April, May June and July that I am seeing go ahead of me were cases that also went to the Potomac. I find that particularly frustrating. I am convinced that something in my case is holding things up. That is why I mentioned my ex-wife. I couldn't imagine that would be an issue. Again, that marriage is from 1988 and we were married for over twenty years. But, who knows what causes a red flag with USCIS. You know, I was in the U.S. Army for seven years, so I am certainly familiar with government employment. Something I don't understand is where the accountability lies with USCIS. In the Army, you have a chain of command, and Inspector General; several layers of culpability. I'm sure USCIS has the same, but I have no idea what that looks like. My sense is that I am going to get my I-130 approval with no explanation as to why all of these others, who sent their I-130s months after mine, received theirs ahead of me. I wish I had an explanation. Again, thank you for your reply.
  7. As I look at the immigration timeline, it appears that my wife and I are among the very few I-130 submissions from March of this year that have not received a response. It is hard for me to believe that this is normal. I called USCIS on Friday but got the same old response: that we are still within the normal processing time of 9.5 to 12.5 months for the Potomac Service Center, which is what they are showing on their website. Never mind that here I can see that the majority of cases have been processed not only for March, but also for April, May, June and now there are even some people hearing back who filed in July. What is wrong with our case? I feel something must be holding us up. The sad thing is, it doesn't look like there is any way to find out what that might be. I was married once before, and my ex-wife was also a non-US citizen. However, we were married for over 20 years, she long since got her citizenship, and is now a very successful business woman. I can't believe that could be influencing the process with my current wife, could it? My wife and I originally filed for a fiance visa with the plan to get married here in August of 2017. That visa was approved but, because of a number of issues, we changed our plans and decided to get married in Denmark in March of this year. Again, could the fact that we changed our plans be somehow affecting our processing time now? Maybe these aren't questions that are answerable on this forum but I really long for some information. We have actually been in a relationship for over a half a dozen years, traveling back and forth, spending long summer vacations together; it just seems excruciating to finally have reached the point where we will now be together only to have this process not only drag on, but seemingly drag on beyond what is the normal already-snail's-pace that it is. This is likely just an exercise in me expressing my frustration, but if anyone has any thoughts that they would like to share, I would appreciate the input. Thank you in advance.
  8. Jeff & Laila

    Notification from USCIS

    Thank you RyanH. Wow, seeing the speed at which each of the steps of your journey were processed makes me think times have really changed...
  9. Jeff & Laila

    Notification from USCIS

    Thanks Rell22. I've actually done a few case inquiries as well as written my Senator and had her do a couple of case inquires. And yet, my wife and my case is one of only a handful of cases from March of 2018 on this website that hasn't been processed yet. This makes me wonder if having done as many inquiries as I have done has possibly done damage as opposed to good? I have no idea. Especially annoying was my latest response from USCIS that pointed to the 9.5 to 12.5 month processing time that they are showing on their website and then went on to say that they try to process cases in the order that they are received. Never mind the fact that I can see on this website cases with acceptance dates from April, May and even June that have now been processed ahead of mine. It leaves me with little faith in the integrity of the process. Thank you again. I do appreciate the reply to my question.
  10. Jeff & Laila

    Notification from USCIS

    Could someone tell me how it is that USCIS first notifies you of action on your case? I am desperately waiting to hear on the progress of the I-130 I submitted for my wife. I feel we are past the point at which action should have been taken. I keep checking the USCIS website looking for something other than "My Case Was Received," however, I'm wondering if that is a waste of time. Will I received a new I-797 in the mail prior to the website being updated? Just curious. My thought is that they probably don't update the website immediately so maybe I should stop checking until I have received the I-797 in the mail. Any insight would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks John & Rose. Yes, I was aware that YSC is the abbreviation for the Potomac Service Center on our NOA, but since that wasn't one of abbreviations listed in the Timeline Trends, I wondered if there wasn't another one. That answers my question.
  12. In looking at the IR1/CR1 Spouse Visa Stats, which one is the abbreviation for the Potomac Service Center?? Thank you in advance.