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  1. Just wanted to update anyone following this post... Went for AOS interview this morning. Agent took expired passport and never asked or said a word about it being expired. We brought back up ID just in case, but it appears that they do understand that there may be certain instances when a renewal during this process could cause a delay. Approved!
  2. Definitely will do that. You are correct. I have been doing a lot of extra driving. Only way to get one for her is with GC. Not ideal, but it is what it is and hopefully we're one interview away from finishing the process. I'm just hopeful that the interview is schedule in the next two months before her Canadian DL expires so at least she has that one valid unexpired ID.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I figured that was the case, but just wanted to make sure we didn't make a mistake heading the interview. That puts me a bit more at ease. As you know, getting a new Canadian passport while in the US in a timely fashion isn't the easiest when you need 2 references and a guarantor.
  4. My wife came in on a K1 Oct of 2018 and we were married in November. Her K1 expired in January, but because she is unable to get a Driver's license in Louisiana without a Green Card we held on to the passport which expired in July. I just received the email stating that the AOS interview was scheduled and we would be receiving that info in the mail soon. Not sure exactly what to do considering her passport is expired now and we don't want to mail it off and have nothing for the interview. She does have a SSN and her Canadian DL through November. Any suggestions on how I should move forward? Not knowing when the interview was going to be is the main reason we didn't send for a new passport. Thanks in advance
  5. Yes, you can have a relative or friend pick it up for you. Just need a written authorization letter, the email sent out saying it needs to be presented as well (I believe it's posted in here), and I included my interview email.
  6. I arranged for passport to be picked up by a relative at the consulate. The passports will be held, as far as I know, until the Canada Post strike is over.
  7. Answer is in this thread. Only one person has received an email and a couple of us have used that email to pick up the passport in person.
  8. It would depend on if it goes into AP or is immediately in FP and Issued is my understanding. If it's issued, then you can probably pick it up within a day or two.
  9. It won't be available for pick up until after the Canada Post strike ends. They are not mailing any passports using any other service as far as we all know.
  10. Have to thank @MariahK as she is the only one to have received a letter from the consulate. I sent the letter she received (without her name in it) to a relative in Montreal who went to the consulate with that, our interview confirmation, and a letter authorizing her for permission to pick up the passport. The reason I felt ok doing this is that the last line in the email states, "If you have already picked up your passport, please disregard this email" which leads me to believe that it's just a generic email they're sending out when they feel like it. Relative was able to pick up the stuff and is sending it. As far as I know, they are literally sitting on all of our passports waiting for the strike to end before mailing them out which is extremely disappointing because there are clearly a lot of us just sitting here in limbo.
  11. As far as I know, this was added after the 17th of October "Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: The Certified Criminal Record Check requested under the Privacy Act is fingerprint-based, but the report does not include an image of the applicant’s fingerprints."
  12. Well that's a better answer than they gave me. Did she say if they were going to email us with dates?
  13. @SR_CAN you would be correct with CEAC and AIS.
  14. Update to this... one of the 10/10/2018 interviews said they received passport a week after interview.
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