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  1. So i had my interview yesterday afternoon and was approved! Today my case updated to new card is being produced After seeing a lot of info on here about removing the "valid for work only with DHS authorization" restriction on my SSN card, I asked my interviewer if I had to do this and he said no, so now I am confused about what I should do. I will probably go to a SS office and ask to have the restrictions removed anyway but do I have to wait to take my GC with me to do this or will it be in their system that I am now a permanent resident? And do I have to wait to do this before I start working? Also for others who have recently been approved - I never received my EAD, do I have to wait til I have my GC in hand before I start applying for jobs or can I start sending out resumes now I have a letter confirming approval from my interview?
  2. Sorry to jump in on your topic but I didn't want to clutter the forum by creating a new one myself to also ask a question about change of address! I have my interview on September 9th but my wife and I are moving on August 31st. Our new apartment is only 10 minutes away from our current apartment and so my field office would not change, however I am worried that if I file a change of address form online that the automated system will cancel and reschedule my interview as they process my address change. We signed the lease for our new place on August 3rd but the lease on our current apartment does not end til August 31st, meaning that my interview date is just within the 10 day period I have to inform USCIS of my change of address. So should I wait and just talk to my interviewing officer on September 9th and inform them during my interview that I have moved? I feel like talking to an actual person about it would make things easier as I do not trust the online system and don't want any delays to my interview, but also I don't want to get in trouble for not filing the change of address form right away.
  3. Ah ok, see I was thinking that the sooner I do the online form the longer they have to process it before my interview so the higher the chance it goes through in time for my green card to be sent to the correct address. I’m going to take copies of both my old and my new lease agreements to the interview as part of the evidence for our relationship anyway. Just curious - how would filing the online change of address cause delays though if I’m not moving to a different field office? Like could I file the change online and then also tell the interviewer and make sure my new address is on file?
  4. Oh ok so you think I should wait and not submit my change of address just yet? And instead just say at the interview that I moved? And that would more likely ensure that my green card gets sent to my new address. My lease on my old apartment doesn’t end until August 31 and my interview is September 9 so I guess I would still be within the 10 days period where I have to inform them that moved.
  5. So my interview is scheduled at the Los Angeles field office (city not county) for September 9th. I am moving this weekend but only like ten minutes away so it won’t affect my field office, but will putting in my change of address affect my interview at all does anyone know? I know there’s nothing I can do about it as I have to inform them of my change of address I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience just to give me some peace of mind. Ive been waiting for so long for anything to happen on any of my cases that I feel like I’m overthinking absolutely everything now 😕
  6. We married in January 2019 so filing taxes together wasn’t an option.
  7. I filed at the beginning of March 2019 (receipt date 03/08/19) and my interview for my green card is on September 9th in Los Angeles. I never received my EAD though so I don't have a state ID, US drivers license or anything else that the interview letter asks to bring as evidence of my life here. I do have a SSN that I got as soon as I arrived. Because of this, what do I need/can I bring as documents establishing my eligibility for Lawful Permanent Resident Status, as the letter asks for? My wife has been financially supporting me and so everything is in her name, and also I have only been in the US since December 2018 and have not been able to work yet due to not receiving my EAD so I haven't filed any taxes - the only evidence I have to bring to the interview is our lease agreement for our old apartment and the lease agreement for our new apartment (we are moving this week), I am included on her family phone plan, I am on her health insurance, and we have a cat together who's vet bills have both of our names on. Also when we married we just had a very small, low key ceremony with a few close friends, one of whom officiated. It was a nice intimate, private evening and we didn't take any pictures because we are planning a big wedding ceremony with all of our family and friends in a couple of years once we can afford it. Will it be ok that we don't have any photos of our wedding? At the time we were just wanting a nice evening together and with our friends, not about documenting evidence for immigration purposes. Also one last thing is that the letter asks me to bring all travel documents used to enter the US - I know i have an I-94 for when I arrived on my K1 visa but do I also have one for every other time I entered the country to visit with an ESTA? I know a lot of people always ask about what to bring to the interview and I have read many topics about that but was unable to find answers to these specific questions, so sorry if this is repeating anything previously answered that I just didn't see and thank you to anyone who is able to help.
  8. I have exactly the same dates except my interview is the 9th! I see you’re also in the LA area, it’s nice to see they’re moving cases along
  9. Just got notified that my interview has been scheduled!!! Only 5 days ago it updated to “case is ready to be scheduled for an interview” and now it has been scheduled! Just waiting for the letter now with the date on it. In other people’s experience how far out do they usually schedule the interviews, like when should I expect it to be - is it usually about a month away or can it be longer? I still haven’t got my EAD/AP so very very excited at the GC interview is coming up!
  10. Ah ok, thank you! This was all really helpful ☺️ This whole process and the lack of info is making me feel like I’m losing my mind so it’s really reassuring to have someone reiterate things!
  11. I provided the A-number that was on my 129F NOA and in my passport for all three forms I filed and the NOA1s that I received back all had a new A-number on them. My name is the same on all forms I’ve filed too
  12. So I filed for EAD/AP and AOS at the beginning of March, had my biometrics in April and my fingerprints were approved on 04/15. But none of my cases have updated since then. My AP is even still stuck on case was received. And I get that that’s still inside the current wait times so there’s nothing I can really do about that other than wait. My question is - is anyone else’s AOS case (particularly anyone who’s field office is Los Angeles) still stuck on “fingerprint review was completed”? In my understanding this means that my case is still at the NBC and hasn’t even moved to my local field office yet? Also when I received my NOA1s my A-number has changed from the one I was given during the K1 process, i did some research and saw it had happened to people before and it wasn’t anything to be concerned about but now I’m worried that it might be slowing things down?
  13. So i have only just noticed but the NVC and embassy have spelled my surname wrong on my file, it happens all the time I have a very weirdly spelled name and I have only now just noticed that they have missed a letter out of it. It is spelled correctly on my NOA2 and everything else, so it must have been an error made at the NVC when they created my file there and has now been sent to the embassy also spelled wrong. Does anyone know please what the best way of contacting the embassy to correct this is? My interview is on the 15th November so I need to get it fixed soon.
  14. I couldn't find any recent posts/information about this so I thought I would ask by starting a new post. I have read on the embassy website that they will only admit me for the interview once I have shown an appointment letter, but is this a physical letter sent out by the embassy or is it just the printed confirmation email I received when I booked my interview? My interview is currently booked for November 15th, I booked this last week when the CEAC tracker updated to say my case was 'in transit', and as of yesterday it currently says 'Ready'. When I booked the interview I got an email from donotreply@usvisa-info.com with all of my applicant info and the time and date of my interview, it also stated 'you must print this instruction page and bring it with you to your consular interview, along with the letter or email you received from the Consular Section'. Is this email enough to bring to get me admitted for my interview or is there some other form of correspondence from the London Embassy I have to wait for?
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