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    David (Loke) and I met online because of our genuine love for Tolkien. We are a part of a large fanatics forum. We were just friends to begin with. Little did I know that he would turn into my reason and purpose in life. He was this man that was all the way accross the world and he would never be able to tell my secrets to anyone... so I would just spill my guts to the poor man. He took it well and in turn he spilled his guts to me. We grew so close over the years. I have talked to him since 2004.

    I flew out to Australia on January 12th to see him and the moment I touched him, I knew that I couldn't live without him in my life. I spent the most wonderful two weeks of my life in his arms and now he is all I can think about. He is my life.

    We were married in Australia on January 25th 2007 and I had to fly back to Colorado on the 27th. I have two kids and I thought that I knew what pain was... I didn't.

    Pain is not having him. Pain is staying alive and going through the motions of life, but not truly living. I need to find a way to be with him. This ocean has been between us for so long and now it is time for our ship to come in. Thank you for helping us to finally come together.

    There is so much more to this... these words can't possibly go into the depth of my desperation. I will update this later when the story can be told without tears... That may be when I finally have him home.

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