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    You can tract it via DHL. I did mine, and so did another on here as we were close in timing and embassy. Obviously use current dates, but it does work. found my petition when it left NVC, and when it got to the embassy.
    Hi, I was going crazy calling NVC everyday and I had given up when I had saw this on a post from another person and decided to give it a try. I went to www.dhl.com clicked Express then Tracking, then Track by Shipper's Reference, on this page you add your search info..You change the day and month to what you think your's might have left NVC
    * Shipper´s Reference : EXP 24 MAR 2011A
    * Date range for shipment - From: 23 - 03 - 2011
    * Date range for shipment - To: 26 - 03 - 2011
    Account Number - Leave this blank
    Shipment Destination: Egypt / You Choose your Country
    The day I was trying this I saw a package had left for Egypt. I thought could that be our's? I called the NVC and I was told our package had gone out. The one I had saw was our's I was so happy. I just checked our's it's at the Sorting Center in Egypt now, it's moving fast
    Someone with the example date I made up above for the country of Egypt has a package going to Egypt now as you will see if you try this.
    As an additional note, they ship out in batches every 2 weeks it seemed like.
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