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  1. I placed an expedite request for EAD last week and it got approved today. Timeline Filed 12/13/2018 1st NOA 12/17/2019 Biometrics 01/11/2019 Case transferred base on A11 03/04/2019 AOS "ready to scheduled for Interview" 04/24/2019 Expedite inquiry 06/11/2019 Request for additional information 06/13/2019 EAD approved 06/18/2019 Don't expect any updates on AOS until January general waiting time in Las Vegas is 13.5 - 19 months but at least I can go back to work
  2. Sorry to hear/read that. https://www.uscis.gov/forms/how-make-expedite-request You have to call and USCIS will get the request going for you, it will take up to 5 days until they ask for either more proof or they approve you right away or deny it right away. The agent is just entering your data into their system and placing this request for you at what ever location your paperwork is sitting at. I filed same day as you did and placed an expedite request last week and it is under review right now. Medical conditions have the highest chance of approval but still fairly low of actually getting approved. -> Don't quote me on this, that's information I got from VJ and the different forums. There is also this... https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/travel-documents/emergency-travel Hope it's going to direct you in the right direction
  3. Thank you for your response. My employer is offering to do anything it takes. They are unfamiliar with this process the same way I am. What should this letter contain and how do I go about it once I have the letter? Just call USCIS? I am sorry for not really understanding this whole process, this is why I a here for to get answers and learn Thank you again
  4. Hello everybody, I am new here, sorry to just jump right in here but my wife and I are also in the December filing club, I guess. I was looking to find some answers regarding processing times for the EAD, seems like we are all in the same boat (6.5-8.5) My wife and I filed on December 13th and everything went smooth, 7 days for the NOA1 and then right around a month for the NOA2 and Biometrics. My status for the I-485 changed about 48 days ago to "Case ready to be scheduled for interview". The biggest problem we are facing right now is the EAD, I already had a I-765 from my F1 student Visa but this one just takes quite a while, and it's about time for me to get back to work. My employer is not super happy, everyday I am home I'll cost the company more money when I get back, we are on a timer essentially. We applied for the I-765 with the I-131 is that the combo card? If so can I expect longer waiting times for my EAD to be approved? Kind Regards, Michael
  5. Hi there, I am new to this whole thing so please bare with me. My case is a little unique, I guess. I've been in the US on a F1 Visa for 3 years and met my now Wife. I looked through the processing times here on this homepage and the average waiting time for a EAD sits around 142 days which I exceeded by quite a bit now, sitting at 175 days. Long story short. I had an EAD for my OPT from the F1 Visa, which expired a month ago. My wife and I filed for my Family based immigration on December 13th 2018 and got NOA1 on December 20th 2018. I have the I-130, I-131, I-765, I-485 on file and the I-693 in my hands. Anyhow it's been 175 days since the case was received and I did my fingerprints on January 11th 2019. I have been trying to get a straight answer from USCIS but that didn't go so well. My point is that I need to get back to work not only because of financial reasons, also because of recency and currency requirements as I am in a human transportation and operation of equipment which need a special set of skills. Is there anybody out there who has an idea how I can accelerate this process or get a straight answer on how long it might take? I also have an immigration lawyer on my side but the only thing I keep hearing is that I have to wait and be patient. "GREAT" Anyways, thank you to all of you reading through this and taking the time Regards, Michael
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