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  1. Just got the interview email. Interview: 5/21/19 CC: 4/4/19 PD: 4/19/18 Embassy: Islamabad, Pakistan
  2. Hello, My wife should be getting an interview date soon for her CR-1 visa. Does the Islamabad Embassy require the original Urdu Nikah Nama with English translation or is the NADRA marriage certificate sufficient? If the Nikah Nama is required, does anyone know where I can get it translated in Multan or Lahore?
  3. Thanks. My CC is Apr 4 and I’m not sure I’ll get it this month. There was another one from Islamabad yesterday with a CC of Mar 22.
  4. Congrats. My CC is Apr 4, hoping it gets scheduled in this round.
  5. Yes cc Apr 4. Hoping we get scheduled this week.
  6. CC: Apr 4 PD: 04/19/18 From past history, looks people got interview dates around the 15th of the month. Hopefully, I get mine in this round.
  7. I submitted docs on March 23 and I just logged in and saw I have a message that says “All required applicant documents have been received and approved.” I haven’t gotten an email yet. Does this mean the case is completed? Edit: When I click on the message, it says DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED
  8. Congrats. I submitted March 23 and I’m still waiting.
  9. I submitted my documents on 3/23 and filed my 2018 tax return a few days before that. To my surprise, the 2018 transcript is now available from the IRS website. I had only uploaded the 2017 transcript and full 2018 return with W-2 along with a written explanation that the 2018 transcript was not available yet. If I upload the 2018 transcript now, will the review cycle reset?
  10. I submitted all of my documents on 3/23 but when I check the case status on the CEAC website it still says, “Action required: Submit requested documents.” Is this normal? When I enter both case number and invoice number, I can see both fees as PAID and both financial and civil documents as SUBMITTED. https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/
  11. Yes received the case number March 20. You should be up next 😃
  12. I got my case number today. NVC received the case on Feb 8. How long is it taking after fee payment before I can move on the next step?
  13. My case was received Feb 8. Called the NVC and they still don’t have a case number. Anyone with a similar receive date get a case number yet?