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  1. Hi when did you send your i485 to nyc office? when was your vawa approved? was the abuser a US citizen or resident?


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    2. MGJ_NY


      Yes ,I did. I just got an update from USCIS that my interview has been canceled and they are going to send me a notice. Hopefully I’ll get it on my address that was on my I360 and not on my old address when I filed my I485. How’s your case going?

    3. marcoisland777


      hopefully they will send it to your correct address,

      I am waiting for a rfe of medical exams, I sent my i485 on december 2018, queens is processing i485 from nov 2018 now, so I feel the good news will arrive soon, its been a long process, vawa approved on march 2020 abuser was usc

    4. MGJ_NY


      Yes, hoping to hear for our I485 approval soon. I’m wondering why was my interview canceled though 

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