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  1. did you get a interview call yet ?

  2. This is my AOS acceptance before 2 hrs its not accepted..mother Mary pray for us 🙏🏻🙏🏻.
  3. Bro.. it’s Jesus Christ miracle my wife called NVC now and she exaplained and they understood it’s their mistake and they accept my marriage certificate and Affidavit of Support forms and other documents..Praise to be god 🙏🏻
  4. My wife called NVC and Customr care officers one lady she don’t know details about this..We can talk to other officers in NVC or our call can be transfer to other officers?? USCIS accept our marriage certificate then what’s problem for NVC
  5. Hlo friends I got email from NVC today it’s shows My Marriage certificate Rejected and that’s explanation is “We are unable to accept multiple documents types” what is means ?? Our marriage certificate issued from India and its single paper and no multiple documents attached with this😞..and my Affidavit of Support shows incomplete and we can’t open that’s,Once we try to open its shows Application error 🙆🏽‍♂️..What is this ?any body experience these please help me..thank you
  6. I’m applicant for CR1 Visa and my case at NVC and I’m indian citizen but staying in kuwait since. 4 years so I got PCC from kuwait police department..I think this way u can get PCC from Saudi,First I sent one request email to kuwait US Embassy they give me a letter for requesting to be give PCC so I submit that letter in kuwait police department and after 1 week they issue me Kuwait PCC so same ways u can also get..U should sent a request email to US Embassy and they will give a letter ok
  7. Hai frnds..I upload my all documents in CEAC last week how longs to take evaluating these..and my pasport biographic pages uploaded in a horizontal view some one says it’s should be vertical view ? It’s correct or not
  8. Hlo.. I submitted my all CEAC documents last Friday and how long to take its evaluating by NVC
  9. Hlo friends..This i-864ez form not asking about my petitioner ie my wife proof of citizenship like pasport or US naturalization certificate..why it’s not needed?? 🤨
  10. Hello friends we are in NVC processing..so for the AOS documents I-864ez don’t ask about the petitioners US citizens status like US pasport so it’s needed or not or We need to upload only IRS tax documents and I-864ez forms &pay checks etc plz replay
  11. Hlo I’m in NVC processing for my CR1 Visa..For the D-260 form one question is confusing ie Is your spouse immigrating to US with you ? What is the correct answer Yes or No..My wife is US citizens and I’m Not so then how she will immigrate with me ? If my answer No it’s leads to next question..Is your spouse immigrate in a later time ?? What is the correct answer for the first question??
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