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  1. Interview scheduled for July 26th. No EAD or SSN. If I submitted photos, bank statements, gift receipts, screenshots, phone bill statements etc with my AOS, do I have to bring them AGAIN to the interview (same ones), or only bring new evidence I didn't already send?
  2. Status changed today to interview was scheduled. No update on ead yet, waiting for 181 days
  3. Am I the only one who’s case status is still on “fingerprints fee have received” since December 19th and nothing about EAD?
  4. Yes I know that. But the date for case inquiry is now end of September so in about a month and a half most Dec filers who haven't gotten their combo cards can start calling to see what's going on
  5. Soon we can call and ask about ours if the cards don't show up in the mail...
  6. Just received an email from uscis: “We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time We will notify you when your case status changes. We last took action on your case on December 20, 2018” does that mean they they haven’t touched the case yet although I did biometrics on January 3rd? Case received December 14th, PD December 19th 🙄 kinda hoping it’s completely automated and I’m just not getting updates online for my case
  7. You can only file jointly if your husband has SSN or ITIN. I don't have SSN so my husband filed "married filing separately" and we'll get less money back because of it.
  8. You got an RFE for your medical because you didn’t send it with the aos. It’s s courtesy letter. You can just bring it with you to the interview
  9. Were gonna wait until about April 1st I think to see if anything happens... if I get combo card and ssn by then we’ll file jointly if not we’ll file option 1 which is married filling separately
  10. I don’t have SSN and cannot file w-7 for ITIN because instructions say to not file for ITIN if you have SSN pending. I hope I get one before April so we can file jointly
  11. Is too. I don’t have a SSN so my husband says we can’t file jointly, I don’t know if it’s true. If we file jointly we get more money back..
  12. People have been getting updates on both old and new so I’ve been checking both and no update from my biometrics I did on 1/3 so figured I’d ask where you saw yours. I’m guessing your update is regarding the RFE?
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