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  1. If your timeline is correct and you filled for the combo card that's what you will get. I got the same info and got the combo card. The NOA comes separately.
  2. Hi again, Yes, after you get married you should be able to join your fiancée’s health insurance from a single insurance plan to a family one.
  3. hello, I had mine in A4. it was not a problem.
  4. Correct. Depending on the state you can use your IDP for a little bit usually until your I-94 expires. It's Massachusetts case.
  5. De nada. I went to ACP - automóvel clube de Portugal and it was immediate.
  6. Hello. I am from Portugal and I took my interview in France. My passport got in the mail 4 days after the interview so that was pretty quick. After that I bought my flight and I was ready to go. To your questions as I've been through many of them recently: 2. When I get to the USA I'll be marrying as soon as possible, I want to take my fiancee last name, so should I apply for SSN first, get married, and change the SSN later? Or should I just wait, get married and then apply for the SSN? (I'll also be changing my middle name, I never liked it, so I'll add something "nicer") I needed my marriage certificate to apply for a SSN, so I'd say get married first. Going to the Social Security office and applying for a SSN can be a patience game. I went there the day I got married. They asked me for the marriage certificate, I-94 and my passport. I've also changed my name but I have a huuuuuuge name so that was the first problem. It wouldn't fit their filling spaces. The person there suggested I'd give them a name I'd like to use here so I went with my first, maiden and my husband's last. I waited for 4 weeks as they said it could around that and nothing came in the mail. I went back there and they said that it didn't get through because of my name change so I had to apply all again. I was a little bit mad but the manager happened to be passing by and heard me. He was super nice and helpful (the fact that he was portuguese migth have helped hehe) and they ended up tracking my application and giving me my SSN right away. After two days I got my card in the mail. 3. How long does it usually take for me to be able to get a job and start working? After you get married apply rigth away for the AOS (adjustment of Status). Also apply for the EAD (Work permit) and the AP (Advance Parole) combo card. That will allow you to work and travel while your green card doesn't arrive - GC takes a while. The average waiting now for the EAD/AP combo card now is from 4-7 months depending on the office your send the documents to - mine is Illionois. You can't work without your work permit. 4. Does anyone know if I'll be able to drive with my current Portuguese drivers license? I am currently driving with mine. I advise you to get the IDP (International Drivers Permit) as our drivers license doesn't have English translation on it and we need it to drive around the states. You have to get yours in Portugal - If that's where you are now. All the other questions you should go to the RMV of your state either their office or website and dig into that.
  7. Hi, Everything looks good. You have more than proof from my point of view. I submited way less than you - pretty much just pictures and flight print screens and we were just fine! No I-94 needed at this point for you. Good luck!
  8. Not being a hater at all. Just trying to be helpful. And not looking forward to getting into a discussion with anyone here. Best luck to all of us 👍🏻♥️
  9. Because for marriage purposes you're supposed to apply either for a K1 or a CR1 visa. ESTA is used for tourist purposes. But I'm assuming being here you already know this information.
  10. hello, All the above, but also be ready to justify and have solid proof of your story. ESTA is not supposed to be used for marriage purposes as that is considered fraud if it gets proved you had intentions of using it to get married and remain in the U.S. Good proof are all kinds of ties to your home country such as rentals, bank accounts, job etc. Good luck!
  11. Thank you! I have it... I was just distracted and didn't notice it on the NOA'S 🙄
  12. We've submited the AOS, EAD and AP all together to chicago IL lockbox. I've been trying to check processing times on EAD and AP. Which center should I pick? Thanks
  13. Yes. If you have a CR1 visa your spouse can work and travel upon entry in the US. The visa on the passport and the stamp work as green card until he gets it in the mail.
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