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  1. For us, it was mostly a matter of timing and wanting to go the faster route. Health insurance wasn't an issue when we first started our application, but has become one since I'm changing jobs (and, because premiums went up at my old job, it would have become one anyways even if I didn't change jobs). I know there's pros/cons of both routes and I'm glad we are on the path we're on, but we're just trying to navigate the sticky period between him coming here and him working - which became stickier!
  2. Thanks, JFH. I know $400 is pretty normal but with my salary, it unfortunately makes paying other bills basically impossible. Has anyone had experience with short term insurance? I know the penalty for using one of these plans went away this year and at $150 a month, it seems like it might offer some basic coverage until my spouse starts working. But I know those plans come with their own risks (having a conversation about short term insurance over on Reddit as well..haha).
  3. Hi, all! I'm trying to plan ahead and hope you all can offer some advice. My fiance and I applied for our K-1 visa back in December and now we're waiting. Also, I got a new job! This is really exciting and I'll have great health insurance BUT, I noticed when looking over the paperwork, it would cost an extra $400 a month to add my (future) spouse to my plan! Yikes! I thought this would mean that my spouse could instead purchase health insurance on the Marketplace but, because my plan is considered "affordable" we're caught in the "family glitch" meaning he wouldn't receive any subsidies and again, would be looking at around $400 a month. Any advice? Can we purchase him a plan on the Marketplace before we get married so he can get subsidies that lower the cost significantly? Is it wise to go with a temporary short term insurance plan or travel insurance plan for him until he's green card-ed and can work? Has anyone else experienced this very stressful intersection of health insurance mess and immigration mess? Help! I would love to hear how some other people managed health insurance for their significant others - especially if their work plans had crazy high premiums that made it near impossible to add a spouse. Thanks! :)
  4. Hi, everyone! I am JUST starting on the visa process. And so to start, I thought I'd tackle filling out some of the basic information on the I-129f. I have lived a LOT of places in the last five years and I understand that when they don't all fit on page 2, they need to be continued in Part 8 but I can't figure out how to do it! I noticed that the space it has on page 2 for two addresses are numbered: Part One, 9a-10b and 11a-12b. But when I flip to Part 8, it asks for Page Number, Part Number, and Item Number. I get page number (2!) and part number (1!) but what item number do I put?? Do I just say 9a-10b? Do I say 11a-12b? Do I continue with that numbering convention and say 13?? Does anyone have an example I could look at? Thank you so so much. -Jenny