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  1. Hello there,i was using a rapid visa for visa service,and we are ready to file our CR1 this week but nid to get a money order here in philippines,fir the USCIS filling fee,because my husband is working in afghanistan,so he kind a busy,is anyone here same as my situation?hiw can i get amoney order,or do i nid to have personal check? Or my husband can call a USCIS and tell them that he can pay them tru credit card and hows it works?i hope u anybody can help me.and give me some advice,thanks and advance,God bless u all

  2. Hello everyone i was little confuse about this page i have 2 daughter and they both comes with my surname,i was annulled and my husband now is going to file spouse visa.Did he nid to put stepdaughter on the relationship? Thank you and advance


  3. Is there anyone here file the spouse visa even your spouse/husband is outside of US? Like my husband he is in afghanistan working there as a contractor. And were planning to file spouse visa soon.Do we need to ask some help from the person who have knowledge to do the paper works or we can do it by ourselves? Thank you and advance.😊😊😊
  4. Thank u sir,the error was the name of the city Instead of Binangonan the pastor type it ”Binangoan”
  5. Thank u sir,the error was the name of the city Instead of Binangonan the pastor type it ”Binangoan”
  6. We been together for 8 yrs with my husband now,we justgot married last august 28,and we plan to apply spousevisa soon,but my problem a havea typographical error on my marriage contract just only a few letters.Its gonna be a problem if i show that to US embassy that i have error on it?
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