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  1. Thank you! Yes, I have a Canadian marriage certificate, as well as a Canadian legal change of name certificate (this was required as we wanted to create a new hyphenated last name for both of us, e.g. MyLastName-Hislastname). I do have my tickets and also my Canadian Permanent resident card, which shows my married name. I think it will be fine thank you for your input!
  2. Thank you for replying! I know it is definitely a calculated risk- I am expecting this might invite more time/questions when crossing the border, but I am willing to go through that (given I will probably be visa exempt soon). I am NOT willing to take the risk of being denied entry, though, hence my question! Obviously border officers can do whatever they want and you never know, but if it was something like visa VOID/NULL after name change, then obviously I would not do it Thanks again!
  3. Hello everyone, I reside in Canada and I have a valid B1 (tourist) visa, and it is valid until 2025. I am not yet a Canadian citizen, so I required a visa to go through/to the US. The valid B1 visa is stamped in my OLD passport. As I have changed names to my married name, I got a new passport showing my married name. I have to fly through the States to visit my home country in December, and I realize this might pose a problem. I have researched online, and information on different embassy/consulates say more or less different things. Some official FAQs say bringing the old passport with the B1 stamp, my new passport and my name change document should be enough (which is what I am hoping to do). The US Embassy in Vancouver's website (I reside in Vancouver) says the following: If your name has legally changed through marriage, divorce, or a court ordered name change, you will need to obtain a new passport. Once you have a new passport, the Department of State recommends that you apply for a new U.S. visa to make it easier for you to travel to and from the United States. From this wording, I gather that, while they RECOMMEND I get a new visa, it is not REQUIRED, meaning I could use my old passport, new passport and name change document (even though they would clearly prefer I had a new visa). I would not mind getting a new one, had I not already applied for my Canadian citizenship, meaning that by June next year (at the latest) I will probably be visa exempt to enter the US anyway. I would prefer to avoid spending $160 US, plus taking time off to go do an interview (required for people from my Country), not to mention the annoying bureaucracy etc. Also, in almost 7 years residing in Canada, I have literally only entered the States in transit to another place- I don't really visit south of the border, I won't have any other entries into the US before June 2019 (when I expect to get my Canadian passport) I have tried emailing the Embassy directly, but they replied with a link to their FAQ (which I had already read, quoted above). I would appreciate any thoughts/insights/similar experiences anyone might have. Thank you in advance :)
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