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  1. We hve a reminder on interview letter and im not sure if i need to bring 2018 transcript bcoz thts his most recent income we put on aos form but he didnt file it yet.
  2. His 2018 income is above poverty guidelines and his 2017 is under, they sent us feedback that consulate wil decide on the interview day they said to avoid delays get a joint sponsor.
  3. Hi! We got approval noticed in nvc march 28 after 3 rfe in ceac and little confused which income wil they based on my interview if its 2017 or 2018?
  4. Thanks for ur info.. He sent 2016,2017 tax return without w2s and sent 2018 tax return with w2s. He havent file his tax fr 2018 yet so we arent sure how to send 2018 transcript which they asked. Did they accepted ur letter?
  5. Did u got ur 2018 Irs transcript? Nvc asked for that today.. my husbands 2018 tax return wasnt accepted
  6. Got rfe today they didn't accept my husbands 2018 tax return instead they want his 2018 Irs tax transcript were so confused nw ..
  7. Thank u! After u sent all required docs how long wil it take to hear from them?
  8. I think u dnt hve to count each of them ..my husbnd live with his grandma but he didnt count her as household member.
  9. Hi ! can i upload the ds260 first or i need to upload the aos same time?
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