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  1. Hello all, I am preparing to enter the US with my visa this week! Had a couple general questions for you all: 1) What are you all doing for health insurance until your wedding? I was looking at short term plans, but I cannot find any health insurance that classifies as adequate insurance such that during tax season I will not get fined for being 'uninsured'. Does anyone have any tips or insight on this? 2) Aside from bringing your passport w/visa, sealed Do Not Open envelope from MTL consulate, what items do you feel are necessary for the POE? I have seen some individuals bringing their DS-3025 and X-ray with them, so I'll bring that. I will also bring an itemized list of all the things I am flying with for customs/duty purposes, and form 3299 for any items I am shipping. Anything else I am missing? 2.1) Were any of you informed to give your X-ray and DS-3025 to the CBP officer at POE? I saw one person on here that said their doctor informed them to do this, and wanted to know if any of you were informed as well, as I was not. Just want to avoid having to redo and repay for my medical exam in the US and submit I-693 - all these costs are starting to add up! haha Thanks in advance! Hope this will help others with this step as well :). -AK
  2. quick question - just received my passport/visa and other items from the US consulate in the mail! I assume you can open the Canada Post packaging to retrieve the passport/visa? Just wanted to make sure it's ok to open the packaging, and that there is in fact another envelope in the package that is sealed and not supposed to be opened? haha
  3. I feel like this is a silly question, but I just want to double check - for the K-1 fiancé visa, the petitioner only needs to provide I-134 for the interview, and not I-864 correct? I keep seeing that I-864 on some checklists from Packet 4 and I just want to double check. Thanks again for your help!
  4. If I recall, I thought the IMBRA pamphlet was just provided at the end of the DS-160 application as a link? I could be wrong though.
  5. Ok, great - thank you! That all makes sense. And yes, he is living in the US, but yes, JUST in case i will get him to bring all that stuff.
  6. Couple quick questions for the ppl who have had the interview so far. The checklist of items that we need to bring from packet 3 notes that we need to bring our birth certificate - this is just for the applicant correct (not the petitioner too)? Secondly, the checklist notes to have originals and copies of all documents. Did you bring any 'originals' for proof of petitioner's domicile in the US? If so, what items did you bring that were 'original'? Thanks!
  7. @MeghanK @purem4g1c - I got P4 and booked my interview for May 29th! However, in my frenzy of booking the appointment, afterwards I noticed in the instructions from P4 it notes "When prompted to select “Trip Purpose”, you must choose ‘Permanently Immigrate to the US.’" I selected the option for booking a K Visa interview, and paid for it online through the system. is this what you guys did? There was no "trip purpose" option...? Thanks!
  8. ok good to know. to be honest, I think it's a bug in the website (which doesn't surprise me since this website is ancient and has many other issues). It was near impossible for me to stumble upon the section (literally have to go backwards, and only shows up sometimes). And when it does show up, it won't save my entries at all. So I plan to just keep my entry for my current job and I think that should be fine. but would be interested to hear what @NicoleM says about her interview! maybe as a backup i'll bring a copy of my resume to my interview.
  9. Hello all. I am trying to complete the DS-160 application, and I came across a section that I hadn't seen the first time around. The section also cannot be accessed when I click forwards through the application, only if I click backwards through it (I know this sounds crazy). The section is for previous work and education. Below is a screen capture of this section. The thing that I am struggling with is that when I input my previous work or education, it won't save. I feel like this is a software bug, and maybe this isn't supposed to be in the application? Did you guys have this section in your application? any issues with saving your info in it??
  10. I am reviewing my DS-160 application before submitting it, and was wondering if you guys could provide some insight to one of the questions. "Do you have documentation to establish that you have received vaccinations in accordance with U.S. law?" I understand that for the immigration physical (for the age group of 18-64) we only need MMR, Tdap, Chicken pox, and flu shot. Are these the vaccines that this question is referring to? Or do you feel this would this include additional vaccines (like hep B, hep A etc)? Thanks for your help!
  11. Glad to hear! Hope you get the visa soon!!
  12. @MeghanK - i see you just had your interview! How did that go? Did they give you the visa after the interview, or are they sending it to you later?
  13. Mine shipped from NVC to MTL on March 19th as well! Patiently waiting for the CEAC to update the status haha. As of this morning, it still says in transit. How about yours?
  14. Hey guys - Packet 3 requires 2 photographs (in color). I can't seem to find the requirements for these photos - does anyone have that info? Thanks!
  15. Hello all, I am compiling my items in preparation for receiving packet 3! Just wondering what everyone typically includes for 'evidence of relationship'? I have photos from all of our visits since submitting I-129F and corresponding boarding passes. Is that typical, or are you gathering significantly more info? And to confirm, this is just proof of our relationship from roughly I-129F submission date to interview date right? Thanks! -AK
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