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  1. Well my wife is fully prepared to REDO THE ENTIRE K1 PROCESS IF THIS DOESN'T COME THRU! We were going to do an expedite after our relocation (which is this week!). Thanks for the info <3!
  2. Congrats to those who are gaining traction! We are not in a major rush for EAD or GC, but more-so for the AP! We scheduled our Irish Wedding for middle of August (exclusive venue, limited availability!) almost 18 months back with full understanding of the timelines and pressures! I think we are masochists in the fact that we keep putting ourselves in close-deadline situations! All the rest have worked out quite well. Here's to one last moment of Visa Roulette...Flight out August 8th 😫
  3. Yes it did. All 3 receipt numbers were sequential as well.
  4. We only received 2. 1 for the AP/EAD and the other was for the AoS.
  5. Update! Nothing has happened! (biometrics April 9th & no movement since). Congrats to those who found themselves on the speedy track!
  6. Just to add to the party: Biometrics completed 4/9/19 (original date for biometrics was 4/19/19). Still no update other than an email stating no action has been taken....
  7. They're super friendly. I had an appt in Houston, but am currently working in Seattle. They took my wife immediately, and they were very kind. "Come into the closest office if you're ever that far away from the appointment" is the exact quote they told her. I'm sure not all places are as friendly, but I can say Tukwila was more than welcoming.
  8. I am on a work assignment in Washington with my wife (she is applying for Visa). We had our biometrics set for April 19 in Houston. We went into the closest ACS office today, and they saw her and processed her stuff on the spot. Fingerprints finished April 9.
  9. Ok both letters state the exact same thing. However, I am out of my state of residence to due work assignment (and my wife is with me) on the appointment date. Is there a chance to get the biometrics complete in a different city or should we plan on flying her back to our hometown for a quick trip?
  10. Just got 2 envelopes in the mail! Already received NOA, so this is either RFE or Biometrics. Most people with the same NOA date have a biometrics appointment, so fingers crossed. Any reason to receive 2 pieces of mail? I was expecting 1.
  11. I absolutely paid all three, but no, the other . 2 in question we not deposited. I guess they will just shred them or send em back to me. I guess I was excited to get to write checks....Oops!
  12. I didn’t receive a text until I emailed the lockbox (I emailed the day after my check was cleared). Mailed on 2.26, arrived to Chicago 3.1 they accepted it 3.4. Check started pending 3.16, was finalized 3.18. Received the text Tuesday (3.19). Received noa1 in the mail today (3.22). Hope this helps.
  13. Sooooooo I’m taking my *wife* out to dinner tomorrow! We sent off almost $2200 in checks. It’s quite nice to get a “win,” even if it’s through my own ignorance 😛
  14. Wait?! So the other two checks I sent would be unused?! Also, I received my noa1s in the mail almost immediately after my last post!
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