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  1. Has anyone done this with Lloyds Bank? I'm looking to keep mine open, especially as I'll be moving before I technically finish work (through using up my annual leave) and will be getting paid into that account. The only thing is I want to change my address to the US because my family will likely be moving soon so I'd rather the letters come to me. I've looked online and found nothing. I don't want to go into branch and ask in case it causes problems and they try to close my account.
  2. I had mine 6 days before my interview. The medical team told me I could email the day before my interview to check if everything was submitted. When I emailed the morning before they said it was in the final stages and not done, but that they’d try to push it through for me. Then they emailed again a few hours later to say it had been successfully submitted online. I’d recommend emailing them to see if they can help get it done in time. I was emailing with a lady named Hannah V and she was really helpful. Edit: Contact them through the email address on one of the sheets they give you. Message me and I can send you it 😊
  3. I just paid the IV fee online after getting my passport back. I didn't get a slip with details about how to pay the IV fee. I just went to https://my.uscis.gov/uscis-immigrant-fee, entered my A-Number (Registration Number on the visa) and DOS Case ID (IV Case Number on the visa) and followed the instructions on the site from there. My flight is booked for September 25th to El Paso via Dallas FW, leaving from London Heathrow. If anyone else happens to be leaving from Heathrow that day drop me a message and we can rant about how stressful this process is while we wait for our flights 😂 I can barely believe I'm typing this, but after nearly two years since our NOA1, I can actually say WE'RE DONE with the IR1 process! I honestly would've made a 100 more mistakes than I already did without the lovely, helpful and supportive members on this site 💙 Now I can relax for a few years before having to worry about naturalisation 😪🤣
  4. That's such great news, so happy for you!
  5. Hopefully because your W2 was received on the same day as my interview, they'll be in the same pile as yours Edit: I thought your last updated date had changed but misread your post. I hope it's on the move soon!
  6. So I just checked again and it's changed to AP. Hoping to see "Issued" soon!
  7. My date just changed too (my interview was the 6th) but no status change, still says "Ready". I'm hoping this will mean both of our cases change to Issued within the next few days
  8. Good luck for your interview today!!

    1. Bear_and_Bunny


      Thank you!! It was 11:30 and we were approved :) 


      Congrats on yours!!

    2. hannahjsf


      Yay!! Congrats!!!

      I had my interview on Thursday and was approved 😊

    3. Bear_and_Bunny


      Wooo.  Yays all round!! :D

  9. Did the document end up getting delivered by the end of the week?
  10. Thank you! I know what you mean with the whole job interview thing, I hadn't thought about it like that but it makes complete sense! The way I see it is if they think you're legit they're not gonna refuse your visa or put you into AP over what you're wearing/ how you look. Similarly, if they're suspicious they're not gonna approve you because you dressed smartly. With all the nerves you get before your interview the last thing you want to worry about is feeling physically uncomfortable, so just wear whatever you feel most best in, whether that's casual or business casual. You'll be fine, you got this! 💙
  11. I second this. I was so worried I'd forget something and go into AP, or that the COs would be intimidating and maybe try to trip me up with their questions. It was the complete opposite and everyone in the London embassy was super kind. I have nothing negative to say about anyone that I communicated with there from the reception, to the security, to both the COs I spoke with. I felt so silly after I left for worrying as much as I did. @Bear_and_Bunny you'll be fine, I promise! 😊
  12. I didn't realise this was a thing until this morning when I saw it mentioned on another website. It didn't occur to me that there is an unwritten "dress code" because whatever you wear won't have an impact on the outcome 😂🙈 So because it was boiling when I had my interview yesterday I went in a spaghetti strap, flowy v-neck dress that was just above the knee, and white chunky trainers. I also have a tone of tattoos which you could see and of the security guards actually complimented me on them lol. Everyone was extremely nice to me, I didn't get funny looks and I don't think I'd have been treated any differently if I'd dressed differently 🙂 To each their own at the end of the day, but it's not that big of a deal (in my opinion) and wasn't something that even crossed my mind. With the weather we've been having the last few days I'd focus more on wearing something you'll be comfortable in so you're not sweating bullets
  13. Thank you! He was so happy, he had no idea! He couldn’t sleep after I told him 😂
  14. No just asked for birth, marriage and police certificates, and ofc my passport I’d still take copies of everything submitted to NVC though in case it doesn’t show up on their system
  15. Just got back from my interview. I got APPROVED!! It was really quick, was in and out within 30 minutes and nobody else was there. CO was really friendly. He asked quite a few questions but it was more like general chit chat. He congratulated me on our anniversary today and told me to expect my passport back within 2 weeks. I called my husband once I got out (at 05:30 his time 😂) and woke him up with the good news! I still can’t believe it’s finally happening and that I’ll be with my husband soon!
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