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  1. this looks to me as telling someone what medication to take. You then shared what works for you. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but self-medicating is a very big problem, specially with restricted substances. What if she took that to heart and had access to it and took it without knowing that she was allergic to it or caused her another reaction due to the side effects? People think that just saying "oh you should take this, or that" is harmless, but if you are not a doctor or a pharmacist and know what you are talking about and the person's medical history, the only thing you should recommend is water.
  2. Congratulations!! And I do not think that it will hurt, especially considering the circumstances.
  3. He can try to expedite EAD with a job offer. He has nothing to lose and it might work in your favor. You will have to call the USCIS hotline and asked them to expedite the EAD based on financial hardship. They will ask you to send some documents and then after some time they will tell you if it's approved or not.
  4. please don't give medical advice and/or recommend medication if you are not a doctor.
  5. It happens all over the world. You will have to have patience.
  6. plus at this point they are just wasting money they could put through a spousal visa
  7. Email the embassy and ask them when will they release dates. Not much else apart from that and checking a couple times everyday.
  8. I also think that is it! I¡m just going to bring everything as well.
  9. Hi fellow K-1 filers! I am getting ready for the interview in July and I would like to know what to bring exactly, because the embassy tells you to bring: Your original passport Medical exam Proof of visa fee payment. Proof of relationship (photos, emails, letters…) Then on the confirmation email they ask you to bring photos, the DS-160 confirmation page, the confirmation page from the scheduling system, the email they just sent you... If anyone that has had the interview recently could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated!!
  10. @givionte is correct. No digital signatures, but you can scan and send it https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/visas-news-archive/20161228_ink-signature-no-longer-required-on-affidavits-of-support.html
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