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  1. Thai Style

    Sister in law Tourist Visa Question

    https://www.***removed***/visitor-visa-extension/ I just wanted to clarify she was just admitted for 60 days but we would like her to stay for 5 months total. That way we could enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas before returning together to her home country. There is a bit of a gray area about the extension, I am concerned that if denied her visa might be cancelled. My immigration lawyer said with this administration the extension would be a long shot. My research says typically the extension is applied for folks who have been here for 6 months and would like to extend another six. Our situation as explained above is a tad different. Either way we ll enjoy the time we have together and my family will be visiting in January regardless for get this One Month! Take Care!!
  2. Thai Style

    Sister in law Tourist Visa Question

    Anytime one of our family members gets to visit we are very grateful. We are changing some of our travel plans since we only have 2 months instead of 4-5. The CBP did make a mistake by falsely accusing her for working for me. I do not need any employees especially not my sister in law. Plus they insinuated I owned a restaurant which I do not. Either way I am sure they deal with many scam artists everyday so I understand their concern. On another note sometimes in developing nations its actually very easy to take time off. In my families situation the rice is growing whether they are there or not. Plus when you have big extended families everyone seems to work together. I know its foreign to us but very common in other cultures. I guess my question should have been has anyone ever came on a tourist visa for a short stay and tried to extend that stay? Anyway we are off to Yellowstone for a camping adventure and road trip. Thanks for all the positive comments and feedback. Take Care...
  3. Thai Style

    Sister in law Tourist Visa Question

    My sister in law came with my wife and son. She has a 10 year visa and has visited before. CBP held them up concerned that she came to work in a restaurant except I do not work in that industry. CPB came out to interrogate me before separating the sisters inside. My sister in law has no interest in working here she just likes to spend time with the family and travel a bit. They ended up interrogating her for 2 hours before releasing her with a 2 month stamp. My family will be heading back to the wife's home country in Jan and would like to travel together. It was a strange occurrence that we never experienced before. I am hoping that there is a way to apply for an extension but I read somewhere that you shouldn't try the extension immediately upon arrival. Was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and has tried for an extension. Thanks...
  4. My sister in law arrived today on a tourist visa. The CBP accused her of working here and only granted her 2 months stay. Is there a way to file for an extension?