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  1. Hey there so our K1 visa interview is tomorrow here in Bogota, Colombia and even though my fiance did her initial exams on Monday and vaccinations Wednesday, the doctors told her today Thursday that the exams weren't ready. So instead of giving us the sealed packet they gave us a little slip of paper that has checked on it the line "confirmation test to discard syphilis is still pending definitive result or results from other exams or medical treatments with respect to a medical condition are necessary." So again, even though they say tests are always ready within three business days (in our case we've had FOUR since she went early Monday morning) they are still not ready. Has anyone had this happen to them? Obviously there's nothing we can do now except take this slip to the embassy tomorrow. But does anyone have any insight in terms of what they will say? Will they know or care that it is completely the fault of the medical lab that we are not bringing the packet? Or are we for sure to get an RFE? Super disappointed in all of this, but that's just the nature of this process where I knew something completely frustrating and out of our hands was bound to happen sooner or later. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Thanks for the advice. Did they ask you any questions at any point in the embassy? I've read where sometimes they allow you to sit at the interview window with your fiance and other times they send you to sit in a chair and wait while she is interviewed.
  3. Yeah ultimately I don't think it's too much to worry about. Just nervous now that the day is coming up. Thanks!
  4. Hey there, my fiance's interview is this week at the embassy in Colombia and I am currently with her and we are weighing whether or not I should go with her to the interview. The only thing stopping us is that I overstayed my tourist visa here (after extension) by two months. I have paid the fine (have receipts and everything) and immigration in Colombia made it sound like it was all OK and nothing to worry about. Should I go to the interview with my fiance or would that make our case look worse if they check my passport and see it was fined? Super torn because I want to help her by showing them our relationship is legit but don't want to hurt her case by showing up and having them ask me questions about my fine. Thanks for any help!
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