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  1. @Greenbaum, is it ok if I get back statements & benefit statements from ssdi now if I expect the interview to be around April/ May ? Or should I wait till it’s closer ? I was thinking of getting all my papers together as my NOA2 should be coming anytime now if eveything goes as planned. Also does the beneficiary need to bring employment verification letter for interview ?
  2. @Greenbaum, was looking at I-134 form part 3 question on employment information. So as I’m medically retired on ssdi should I just leave everything about employment blank ? I don’t see anywhere to add retired or on disability
  3. @Greenbaum, Thankyou for the clarification but sorry for the confusion. We r not at that stage yet so not sure of the question #.. read on another site abt this particular question & didn’t know how to answer. Below is the question that I read “ Have you ever been refused a US visa, or been refused admission to United States or withdrawn your application for admission at the point of entry “?
  4. Greenbaum, I thought there’s a question on DS 160 where they ask if a visa was ever approved or rejected .. am I wrong ? That’s what made me confused as he( it might hve been walk in interview then ) said he gave the application to the CO & they put a seal that “ application received “ on his old passport & gave everything bk. So can he answer no to that particular question ?
  5. @Greenbaum& everyone. I need help in figuring this out, please. So my fiancé had applied for a student visa in 1988’s & CO just entered “ application received “ on his passport . Asked him to come bk with more proficiency in language . So when he fills his DS160 should he mention it ?
  6. As the day approaches I’m getting a little worried ,as my main source of income is SSDI ( not welfare but disability income as I had a work place injury ) & employer pension ( as I had to retire prematurely) . My income is way above the guidelines but I’m worried if Mumbai counsulate staff is familiar with this income source. As it’s not taxable my tax return won’t show any. I also hve more than 30K liquid cash to show but still worries about it.
  7. @ds2, Thankyou. He’s from south India so we should plan on staying at Mumbai for 2-3 days to get VAC & then interview.. is VAC done at the counsulate too ?
  8. IndiaAnnie what’s VAC? Is that the fingerprint appt ? When are we supposed to get that done ? We r still waiting for NOA2 but got confused with this step when reading this thread. So after medical , he needs to get biometrics at Mumbai & then interview , is that right ? How do we schedule for VAC ?
  9. @Puneet12, 😮 they need all those as proof too ? I’m thinking of court wedding if not a very simple function at a temple.
  10. We are getting closer to interview & I am a little stressed about my 1-134 . So my income including my SSDI , employer pension( retired early d/t medical reason ) & child support totals to 40K for 4 people ( including my fiancé ). In addition I can show a proof of liquid cash close to 30k . Will that be enough or should I produce my home equity details too?
  11. If you search USCIS in App Store it come up. But all I can see is the details of my case & days of application. Looks like others are getting notification on maintenance & holidays so I’m not sure if I hve the right one
  12. Thankyou .. so is it possible to sent it earlier to embassy to see if that’s ok with them prior to k1 interview ?
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