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  1. Wednesday when I return my packet to embassy . Then status became AP. Friday at 8am status change to issued. Then around 9am someone from u.s embassy call me informing I can pick up my visa at moa around 5pm. Thank you everyone. God bless
  2. Just an update to this post. Finally visa on hand now. With the correct information this time. Thank you everyone
  3. I wished what they told me was truth, but it's not. I've come back 2go yesterday until today but my packet is not included in there delivery. I have been calling them and email but there is no progress on my concern. Same quote they telling me that my case is now expedited . I still has to do the CFO sticker so I'm such in a tight place right now.
  4. Good day everyone. I got interview last April 25 and visa on hand May 9, and booked the ticket the same day. My travel suppose to be this coming 22nd of May however my visa has an error. Instead of my fiance name as a petitioner written on my visa, it was my son name written on it. I walk in to the embassy today and they ask me to return the whole packet including my passport together with my itirenary ticket and told me to have my visa pick up at 5pm at mall of asia. But somehow when I arrive there my packet is not at the branch. I called them 7pm and told me my case will be escalated. To those who have same case with me how long it takes for the visa correction? PS. I am under sputum as well so my medical will expire real soon. I am hoping someone from here will have my questions answered. Thank you
  5. There are still plenty of available slot for April 25 for 7:15 (84 slot available) and 7:45 (33 slot open ) and April 29 also had plenty of slot.
  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I've been following your post. My culture due this week and this gives me so much information. God bless you both
  7. Yes you can but if you want and accurate result then do the afb smear test ( that's a smear where they have to culture until 8 weeks). That's the best way for you to find out.
  8. If you have history then secure with you the documents about your medication and be honest about it. It's a case to case basis. Even if you undergo treatment and your x-ray is cleared then you will not undergo this sputum test. There is so much cases about it that they turn out negative after medication . They will only ask you to do sputum once there is something suspecious on your x-ray. And no you can't do medical now. You have to wait for noa2 approval and wait till your case is ready
  9. I'm running 8th weeks on my culture now so far I don't receive any call from sleC and I'm going back this April 12 (hoping to get vaccine). We have a group chat for those who undergo sputum and most likely once they call you earlier and ask you to come back it means positive they won't tell you thru phone.
  10. Most likely your sputum culture is negative. Congrats . I'm on my 7th weeks of culture and going back to slec next week for my vaccine hopefully. We both have same concern about interview slot for April but as of now no available slot the closest slot is may 10th
  11. Thank you . This is a very rare case I heard to get a call from sleC during 6 weeks. We actually have a group chat to those who experience sputum. Most of them who got call from sleC is around 1-4 weeks of culture. But yes it's really case to case basis.
  12. Any update about this topic?? Your fiance culture test turn out positive or negative? I'm running 7 weeks of my culture test now but at this moment I didn't get any call yet so far.. how did it go??? Thank you
  13. Sent our july 20, recieve noa1 hard copy july 26. Goodluck july filers; hoping for a smooth journey
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