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  1. Hey! I had my medical exam in São Paulo on April 26, 2021, the consulate in Rio received the medical info only on May 19th. The doctor did take his sweet time (and also made a mistake in the electronic form of my vaccinations, that can't really be resolved). My advice: when you receive your vaccination record, check if the dates when you took your vaccines are correct.
  2. Hilde, thank you so much for your interview review! We used it when preparing for the interview! Our interview was scheduled for 10:00, and we arrived at the consulate at 9:00. I think that our relatively late arrival was a HUGE mistake because we ended up waiting around 5-6 hours for the interview (we left the consulate at around 15:00). Most of the people arrived much earlier than we did. So I guess it's excellent advice to arrive much earlier than your interview is scheduled. Our interview went very well, and the officer was super friendly and kind. She only asked how we met and where we're going to be living in the US. Unfortunately, I did not have the correct São Paulo state police certificate (I had 2 different state police certificates, but neither was the correct one). She said we'd be approved on the spot if I wasn't missing it. She asked us to get and upload the right document to the CEAC after the interview. Also, they kept my passport. Meanwhile, while they're reviewing the correct document - we are under administrative processing. I'd like to know if anyone here is or was under administrative processing and how long it took them to be approved or hear back from the consulate? Thank you, everyone! Good luck! If anyone has any questions regarding the interview or whatever, ask away, I'd be glad to help.
  3. Well, even better news is that I am NOT a part of the WhatsApp group, so that means someone else got their interview date! 🥳
  4. Hello everyone! I want to let you know that 30 minutes ago we've received our interview date in Rio - May 10, 2021 (our DQ is May 13th, 2020). We haven't submitted any expedite requests (none at all), contacted the consulate or the NVC!!! I hope that everyone out here gets their interview dates as soon as possible! Good luck everyone!
  5. Same here, DQed on May 13! What kind of extension are you talking about?
  6. Wow!!! Awesome news!!! Let us know if you learn anything else! ✨ 🎉 When were you DQed?
  7. Hi Faisal! How difficult is it to transfer a case/interview to another country, say Uruguay? Have you looked into it yet? Thank you!
  8. Hi Jizreel!!! Can you please tell us where you found this information, please? Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone!!! We have just been DQed! 🥳 The first and only submission March 3rd (+ we were adding more documents up until the March 9th) - DQed May 13th! Good luck everyone who’s still waiting and congratulations to everyone getting DQed! 🙂
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