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  1. Good day! I would like to ask how to fix mistakes on my ds 260 as i have done a lot of mistakes made on my ds 260 form


    1. Mistakes on part of given names, Didn’t include all middle names! Just first names 😥

    2. Didn’t put my highschool and grade school degree, i only put only my college degree! 😥

    3. I checked ‘No’ to previous address which should have been a ‘YES’ (Reason is that my current address is just a 3 minutes away from my previous address which is my parent’s house, as i am currently living with my in-laws, it’s just different from the name of street but in the same area) i misunderstood, knowing that i should only put address on PREVIOUS ADDRESS i been resided outside my address which I’ve never been. 

    help me please! How to correct please help 😓 so worried right now. 

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