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    Purplerose14 reacted to Penguin_ie in Negative attitudes in the forum   
    I wanted to address the negative attitudes we have seen on the rise recently in the upper/ immigration forums towards those who ask beginner/ simple questions, or have unusually fast or slow VisaJourneys.

    First, there is a tone difference between the Progress forums- which are mostly for support and cheerleading, and the Info forums, which are mostly to have questions answered.   While all our forums are supposed to be welcoming to all and friendly, this is especially important in the Progress forums, which are not to discuss politics, or be negative towards  those fortunate to have their case dealt with quickly, or  critical of those who voice sadness about their own slow progress. These forums are there to uplift eachother!

    Secondly- in the info forums, you may get bad news.  When a question is asked, our members are encouraged to answer truthfully, even if this may not be what the Op wants to hear, because it is important to be informed.  However, the emphasis is still on being welcoming and friendly.  If you need to give bad news, do so gently, and stick to facts; constructive criticism of the Op's plans ARE allowed, but the emphasis is on constructive.  No need to dwell on mistakes (or tell members they should be on 90 Day Fiance- that is a personal attack and automatic suspension), or  illegal actions in the past- instead, encourage and explain legal options for the future.  And ONLY legal options- as per our TOS, VJ does not support, condone or encourage illegal (immigration) actions, and such posts will be removed.

    Ultimately, we are here to help all members, old and new, easy cases and complicated, those who write a fact filled bullet point post and those who are panicking and don't make much sense in their first post. Yes, sometimes questions can be easily googled, or answered via a search of our forums.  But if you feel that way, just scroll past- no need to criticise the OP for asking the question. 
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    Purplerose14 reacted to K + M in AOS packet question   
    what about the medical records? I'm guessing the go to is everything besides each individual application being the I-765, I-131, I-485 should be repeated for each?  Makes perfect sense, just the VJ AOS checklist is very very missleading making it seem as if that's all that is put in there one of each, not individual applications.
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Daniela M_______ in Interview question..   
    I didn't get asked for a single piece of evidence at my interview BUT I was feeling really confident because I was prepared. It buys you piece of mind.
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Cryssiekins in Interview question..   
    Personally, I would prepare everything you can think of.  Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Janique pine in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    Interview today and we got approved !!?!!!!! Thanks you to everyone that helped me out me out on this journey !!! And good luck to everyone waiting 
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Shellimedz in November 2018 I-129 Filers   
    Just got my NOA2 yesterday, NOA1 was on November 3rd!  The app didn't update for me, just happened to notice an email in a mailbox I set up just for this and I was praying it wasn't an RFE. 
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    Purplerose14 reacted to DaughterOfAfrica in JULY 2018 I-129F (K1) FILERS   
    Greetings all:
    Just received our NOA2 letter in the mail, the notice date is 2/25/19. Grateful for the opportunity to finally move forward in the process.
    Blessings to everyone.
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Fer Schvarztman in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    I totally agree with you! We are almost up to send the packet 3 to the embassy, and get an interview date. I can't believe we got to this point and it's also thanks to many people in this webpage and specially @Greenbaum,  who helped us in every stage, I also learned each time making me be able to help others. Hope my fiance and I will get approved at the interview, hope we all make our dream come true! 😍
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Davi+Inna in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    Had out interview at the US embassy in Ukraine today 01/29/19 and we were approved! Now just waiting to get her passport back with the Visa and she's coming here super excited!! Praise God
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    Purplerose14 reacted to David and Nicole in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    We also had our case sent today to Sydney. 
    Eagerly awaiting the packet 3 and 4, and then the interview. 
    Only a few more steps left.
    Our paperwork is waiting...
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    Purplerose14 reacted to SteVas in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    Case is In Transit as well!!!
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    Purplerose14 got a reaction from Liflead in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    In transit 😊 yay! 
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    Purplerose14 reacted to N.pie in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    Our case is in transit as well 😍
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    Purplerose14 reacted to TGregorio in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    Praise God! Our case now shows" In Transit." 🤭🥳🙏🎉👏
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    Purplerose14 got a reaction from TGregorio in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    In transit 😊 yay! 
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Nelson0308 in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    In transit 😍
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    Purplerose14 reacted to ORA in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    In Transit too!!
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Biffa in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    In transit!!! Woohoo!!!! 
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    Purplerose14 reacted to H&YP in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    Finally in transit!!
    My God is too good 😊 
    All the glory belongs to HIM.
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Shiran in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    So, I was posting in January thread, but it seems might time line  more closely matches December.
    Detailed timeline update:
    NOA1: Aug 08 (old) Aug 13 (New)
    NOA2: Dec 27 (Notice date, received in USPS mail Dec 31, no updates to either website to this day)
    No notification of any kind in either e-mail or postal mail despite updating AskNVC website.
    Started calling to NVC Jan 10 (on 2 weeks mark)
    NVC Arrived: Jan 14
    Called Jan 16 to NVC again, was told case was created on Jan 15. Was given case and invoice numbers.
    NVC Case/Invoice: Jan 15 (E-mail with case number was received on Jan 19 by petitioner. Beneficiary didn't receive anything) 
    NVC to Embassy: Jan 22 (Checked manually on the website, several hours later received official looking e-mail with one page image attachment stating the case is going to Embassy. The text of the e-mail addressed to beneficiary.)
    Very nervous.
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Ethan & Shannon in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    Ours is also in transit! We’re nearly at the end 😁
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    Purplerose14 got a reaction from H&YP in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    In transit 😊 yay! 
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    Purplerose14 reacted to TriniGirl2 in DECEMBER 2018 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    My embassy finally received my package that left nvc on the 8th, waiting for them to contact me. 
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Greenbaum in JULY 2018 I-129F (K1) FILERS   
    Yes. My broker called yesterday and told me my Zenith stock tripled in price. I was very excited. Did you receive any news yet?
    Sorry, I couldn't hold back on making that joke. To reply to someone's post you select "quote" just below their post. A new box will appear where you can write your reply. But, write the reply below and outside the quoted box. When doing so, we know who you are replying to and the topic.
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    Purplerose14 reacted to Greenbaum in JANUARY 2019 K-1 NOA2 ----> NVC   
    This thread was created for those who are waiting from their NOA2 K-1 to the case assignment from NVC.
    These are items that everyone asks for, so I thought I just post them here for you to refer to when it's necessary.
    1. How do I update my email address with NVC Once you receive your NOA2 approval then contact NVC via https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html to update your email address as well as your beneficiary's email address. This will give you an email alert when your file arrives at NVC, your case is assigned and when the file leaves for your Embassy. Enter the petitioner's information as well as the beneficiary's in the "box". Full name, Date of Birth, NOA2 receipt number and WAC number. We have found in some cases that email are never sent and in other cases this works well. So, your mileage may vary.
    2. Checking on your embassy case number from NVC:
    It will take 7 - 10 business days for NVC to receive your file from USCIS after you receive the NOA2, then another 2 - 5 business days for NVC to get your file in their system and produce your case number. Call 7:00 am eastern time for shorter wait times.
    1-603-334-0700 or 603-334-0888. Operator assistance is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Eastern Time)
    1 for English, then 7 (or 5, but I would go 7 as they would tell you if you should call 5 instead after they receive your case.)
    Best time to call:
    Right after they open which is around 7:00am US Eastern Time, Mon-Fri. Most have had luck getting the phone answered after the first ring if they called right at 7am.
    3. How long to assign a Case # from NOA2
    It's been taking about 2-3 weeks for NVC to assign the case number. Then it's taking another 2-4 weeks depending on the Embassy to receive your case. Your mileage may vary!
    4. Follow Similar VJ members timelines. Use the tools here in VJ to answer "when I am going to get etc. etc." question. Near your picture there is a link for your timeline. Select it and once you're on the next page near your picture you will see "follow similar timelines" and it will populate 12 other couples who are near your dates. Scroll down and you will see a "spreadsheet" style page showing all the variables for measurement for when others from your Embassy are getting the same notice of approval or action. Try it. It really works!
    5. Follow similar VJ members timelines from other countries. And if you want to follow those from other countries that have similar timelines as yours there are several tools available to you. Go up to Immigration Timelines on the blue ribbon above and select it. Once you are on the next page looked to your left and you will see a box that states, "find similar timelines" and select it. A list will populate with those who are processing close to your timeline. When they start to change you will soon be behind them.
    I followed those that were in my group to give me an idea where they were in processing, so I could judge if I was ahead or behind. It's accurate, maybe within a day or so.
    If you choose to follow those twelve members then you will get an email every time their status updates.
    6. Be sure your profile is complete so that we can determine your Embassy. Many of our answers are predicated on the information you supply in your profile. When we look at the left column and can't determine your timeline or your Embassy it's hard for us to give you a factual answer. If you look at the profile of others here, they have a flag for their country, so it makes it easy for us to reply as we can quickly determine your Embassy. Our answers will sometimes be tailored to a specific Embassy hence the reason for you to complete your profile.
    So, if you could help yourself out and complete your profile that sure would help us out when we want to reply to your question with factual information.
    Go to the top right of this page select your name (it's on the upper right-hand corner)>my profile>[below your picture on the right column] edit my profile. Scroll to the bottom and fill in "Immigration Info". There now we can better serve you.
    7. Timelines. Complete your timeline. In your profile to the left of the page you will see the word "timeline" toward the bottom. Select it and it will take you to the page that has the link for you to complete your timeline. This to can help us to answer some of your questions.
    8. Tracking your case. As a K1, when checking your case online at CEAC.state.gov you must select "immigrant visa" as it is treated as such even though it is a "non-immigrant visa".  Technically the K-1 is a non-immigrant visa with intent to immigrate, but it is treated like an immigrant visa because of the AOS. It is kind of a ba$tard. Non-immigrant case treated like an immigrant case. The K-1 on its own is a single entry, with a short time limited visa that expires within 90 days after POE. That is why it is a non-immigrant visa treated like an immigrant visa.
    USICS states If you have a pending I-129f, I-90, I-485, I-751 or N-400, we’ve recently changed the way we’re displaying processing times online to give you a more realistic date range. To check these times, visit https://t.co/ho3dfC5KCA
    9. Tracking your case file that's in transit to your Embassy. Go to www.dhl.com click Express then Tracking, then Track by Shipper's Reference, and on this page you add your search information. You change the day and month to what you think your package might have left NVC or call NVC to get the date your package had left NVC in route to your Embassy then go to the DHL website and enter the following information:
    * Shipper´s Reference : EXP 24 MAR 2011A  (This is the date you think it left NVC, just substitute the date and leave everything else as is)
    * Date range for shipment - From: 23 - 03 - 2011
    * Date range for shipment - To: 26 - 03 - 2011
    Account Number - Leave this blank
    Shipment Destination: Philippines (Works for any country Just replace your country where the Embassy is located using the drop down box)
    I hope these tips help you along your Journey. So, let’s share our experiences, our tips and ask questions.

    10.  Track your case with USCIS:
    Old site (also the data source for all 'USCIS case tracker' apps): https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do
    New: https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ (you have to create an account and add your case # to it)
    Neither is more reliable (and it's very possible you won't see anything on either and will have to just wait for the physical mail). For a while it looked like they were phasing out the "old" site, but that trend seems to have reversed itself and there are still lots of cases that show up on only one (or much earlier on one than the other).
    11. How long will it take to NOA2. Once your case has been received from NVC by the U.S. Embassy or Consulate that will process it, the length of time varies from case to case according to its circumstances. Some cases are delayed because applicants do not follow instructions carefully or supply incomplete information. (It is important to give us correct postal addresses and telephone numbers.) Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which takes additional time after the visa applicant's interview by a Consular Officer.
    12. USPS Informed Delivery Service. There is a service provided by the USPS (US Postal Service) whereby each morning USPS will scan your incoming mail (just the address side of the envelope) and email you an update. It's very convenient these days to have advance notice that an important piece of mail is being delivered.
    The service is available to most communities, but some are still being rolling out so not all areas are available. Check the website with your zip code to verify your location is available for the service. A person in the USA can sign up for this free service here: https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action
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